The Gold shower

The news ‘Gold smugglers turn new age alchemists’ in Times of India Chennai dated 11th Nov 2017.

‘As long as rats are on this earth, they will make burrows’.

Gold gold and gold is found everywhere,

In bars and in biscuits

In liquid and in paste

From a measure of Pico grams and micrograms

Growing steadily in milligrams

And in grams and in Kilograms

It flows to our land of greed and fraud.


Through the air from Middle East

And from South east deeper gold mines

With a hundred changes of hands

It pours over our Indian land.


With its yellow golden veil

It makes every blink go pale

Even it’s a game of life and death or raids,

The hope of grabbing it never fades.


Wright brothers would not have dreamt that their invention will be the carrier of the precious yellow metal one day and fill and shower the poverty laden lands into a gold shower.

Even Alfred Nobel did not dream that his invention of dynamite will swallow the entire life on earth.


The nursery rhyme 


Little drops of water
little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean,
And the pleasant land.


Little deeds of kindness,
little words of love,
make our earth Happy,
like the heaven above.

(Few more stanzas just omitted)


Though this kindergarten rhyme has not lost its shine, we can rewrite in a different way for aspiring smugglers.


Little drops in liquid gold

Little grains of gold in sand

Little amount in paste as well

Make the smuggling market thrive

And make it a glittering land of gold.


Torches will have darkness down

But gold in it will brighten up

In flaps and layers they are stuck

In needles and fingers they get filled

It will be a joy filled trip

As long as you escape from grip

And will be in trouble for those few

Who have none for their ‘cue.                                                          


So the little amount they seize

Humble though they be

Can be treated as charity

And make them happy for long.


So our little deeds and tricks

Lead the loads of precious gold away

From the path of checking

For those who are for gain.


By Sundareswaran Date: 11th Nov 2017.

Source: The news ‘Gold smugglers turn new age alchemists’ in Times of India Chennai dated 11th Nov 2017.

Even William Camden’s rhyme

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

If turnips were watches, I’d wear one by my side.

If “if’s” and “end’s” were pots and pans,

There’d be no work for tinkers’ hands.

Or Martin Shaer’s new lyric

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride,

All dreams and desires would ride alongside,

Worries and troubles would fall off behind.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Or a mythical El Dorado were king Musica covered his body with gold dust and swim at Lake Guatavita throwing the gold and jewels to appease a god living underwater.

All these can be quoted here.

Dreams and dreams and dreams alone.

By Sundareswaran


Controversial Padma

The flutter caused by the mirror image of my daughter Padma.

Like Rabindranath Tagore’s Subha, I have three daughters. 

When my first girl child was born, for everyone’s like, we christened her as Kalavathi thinking that she will become a danseuse one day. But she did not show any interest in arts and she was having a little bit of darker complexion.  We shortened her name to Kala.

Then we were blessed with another girl and we named her as Nethravathi.  Later due to her squint we shortened it as Nethra.

Then again with the arrival of the third we named her as Padmavathi.  We never felt any disability in her yet like others we called her Padma. 

All the three grew up with their own ability and became graduates.  We also liked and loved the trios to our heart and days and weeks and months and years passed uneventfully. Fortunately or unfortunately Padma had a better complexion compared to the other two. But none of the three resembled in any of our features. May be the DNA and RNA‘s of our forefathers or foremothers might have got into them. We could not make out as we were not having any photos of our past generations.

Anyway they were happy in our company as well as in their own. God saved us in not creating a partiality or differentiality among us.

Like every parent will be wishing to see that their daughters must get married at their right age, we were frantically searching for the prospective groom.

A family came forward and after exchanging the horoscopes, everything came in line. Then the great girl seeing day arrived.

In very old time there used to be a custom of hiding the younger girls who are next in line when the girl seeing activity is for the eldest.  The fear of not accepting the first and asking for the next used to be prevalent in those days.

Luckily the boy liked Kala and everything ended up with a great sigh of relief.

The wedding went of very well with the usual wishes of friends and relatives and elders from both the sides.

When the second turn came, our heart started beating high and low. To hide the squint we tried to hide it with contact lenses and it proved successful.  With the lenses her photo was presentable. But the guilt in us was perturbing us.

Another family came and as usual the girl seeing took place with the same pomp as the first.

The boy being an Ophthalmologist could find the error in her eyes some or other with his first look itself. Anyway he kept quiet.  As our conscience started pricking we told them and him particularly about the defect in her eyes. Nothing happened. All were silent for a while.

Through the mirror in the hall he could see the face of Padma and then the whole ‘girl seeing’ incident took a different turn.

He was prepared to marry Padma instead Nethra.

The alliance got washed off.

Then we removed the mirror from the hall and hid it in my bedroom.

Then again a new alliance came and Nethra got married and got settled well. 

Padma’s turn became as easy as a cake walk.  She was abroad and without breaking our tradition and culture she got a man of her choice and we approved it and the wedding went off very well with a lots of foreigners.

When I was lying in my couch, I started thinking about the mirror. Suddenly the old history got revealed before me. In my school history book there was an outline sketch of Allahudheen Khilji looking at the beautiful face of Padmini, the queen of chithor, through a mirror. His sudden liking for her and the war that followed and she committing Sati was the story narrated in my class book.

The boy sitting next to me, my best friend, Musthafa, did not feel any religious conflict in it.

It was the mughal period in India that was described in it.

I got up suddenly as if from a trans and I took that mirror that got trapped in between in my daughter’s life and caused disagreement and heated discussion and got it  permanently hidden behind our bedroom cupboard so that even I will not be able to view my wife’s face again through that forever.


By Sundareswaran Date: 9th November 2017.


தூக்கம் வரவில்லை

தூக்கம் வரவில்லை

கண்ணே எனக்கு

நான் தூங்கிட

நீ ஓர் பாட்டுப் பாடு

அந்த பாட்டை நான்

முழுதுமாய் கேட்ட பின்னே

தூக்கம் என்

கண்களை தழுவட்டுமே.


என் மனதுக்கு

இன்பம் தருவதெல்லாம்

உன் மழலையில் வருகின்ற

ஒலிதான்  கண்ணே

அதை விட இன்ப

ஸ்வரங்கள் ஒன்றும்

என் காதில் ஒலிப்பதாய்



இந்த உலகம் கண்ணே

ரொம்ப பொல்லாதது

பெண்ணாக நீயும்தான்


வைரம் போல் உன்

மன உடலை

நீ தீட்டிக்கொள்வாய்


தன்மானத்துடன்  நீ



முன்னால் வருவதை 

நன்றாக கவனித்திடுவாய்

பின்னால் வருவதையும்


தீமைதான் வந்தால்

அதை தாக்கிடுவாய்

நேர்மை நல்லெண்ணம்

நன்மைகள் மனதில் கொள்வாய்

ஒவ்வொரு சுவடு நீ


நம்பிக்கையுடன் நீ .அதனை

முன்னே வைப்பாய்.


சுந்தரேச்வரன்       By Sundareswaran Date: 6th November 2017.

A father’s cry for having a baby girl.

When I see the atrocities towards girl child, my heart boils and my eyes bleed.


Mom’s loving lullaby


Rock-a-bye, baby

On the treetop

When the wind blows

The cradle will rock

When the bough breaks

The cradle will fall

But mama will catch u

Cradle and all


Baby is drowsing

Cozy and fair

Mother sits near

In her rocking chair

Forward and back

The cradle she swings

And though baby sleeps

He hears what she sings


Hush a bye baby

Up in the sky

On a soft cloud

It’s easy to fly

 Angels watch

And keep watch

Over as u sleep

So hush a bye baby

Don’t make a peep


Rock a bye baby

Does not u fear?

Never mind baby

Mother is near

Wee little fingers

Eyes are shut tight

Now sound asleep

Until morning light

மணல் வருது மணல் வருது  


மணல் வருது மணல் வருது

மலை ஏசியாவிலிருந்து

மானே நீ ஜலடையுடன் வா

அதிலிருக்கும் பொன்னை  அள்ள  அள்ள

கண்ணா நீ மூட்டை முடிச்சோடு வா

அதை சலித்து அதை சலித்து பார்ப்போம்

அதன் உள்ளில் பொன்பொடியும்

சேர்ந்திருக்கா  என்று


மணல் போல் அதுவும் மஞ்சள் நிறமாய் தெரியும்

நம் மனம் போல் அதிலும் பொன்பொடியும்  இருக்கும்


மணல் வருது…………………


அங்கே பாரு அங்கே பாரு என் மானே

சுங்க அதிகாரிகள் வருவதை பார்

ஒளிந்து கொள்வோம் ஒளிந்து கொள்வோம்

இங்கு எங்கேணுமே

அவர்கள் கண் படும் முன்னாலேயே


அனல்போல் அவர்கள் வருவார் பாரு

அதைப்போல் அவர்கள்  

திரும்புவார் பார்


மணல் வருது……….


இரவும் இல்லை

பகலும் இல்லை

இதை சலித்து நாமும்

அடிப்போம் கொள்ளை


பொன்னில் நாமும்  மிதந்து தவழ்வோம்

சுகங்கள் யாவும் அளந்து பார்ப்போம்

அவர்கள் கண்கள் மூடி  திறக்கும் முன்னே

மண்ணை வீசி அவர்கள் முகத்தில் அடிப்போம்



கடந்த காலம்

மறந்து போவோம்

பொன்னை நாமும்

மூட்டையில் அடைப்போம்

கிடைக்கும் வரைக்கும்

அள்ளி சேர்ப்போம்

பிடி கொடுக்காமல் நாட்டை

விட்டு செல்வோம்



அங்கிருக்கும் மணலை

ஏன்  கொண்டுவந்தார்

நம் நாட்டு  மணலை எல்லாம்

நாம் தின்று விட்டோம்


இனி  இந்நாட்டு  நதிகளில்

நடந்து நாம் செல்லாமல்

அங்கிருக்கும் நதிகளில்

கை கோர்த்து நடப்போம்

பெட்ரோனாஸ் டவரை

விலைக்கு  வாங்க

அங்கிருப்போருடன் நாம்

பேரம் பேசி பார்ப்போம்


இனி உலகம் எங்கும் நமது ஆச்சி

இந்த மலயா மணலே  அதற்க்கு சாட்ச்சி

மலைஏசியா தென்றல் தாலாட்டு பாடும்

இனி இனிய பொன்பொடியில் வாழ்வோம் வா



சுந்தரேச்வரன் Date: 29th October 2017.



Source: Sand from Malaysia stuck at Tuticorin Port.


News in Times of India dated 29th October 2017. Page 6


Song Courtesy:  Mazhai varuthu mazhai varuthu

Lyricist:  Vaali Sir    Sir Please excuse me.

Film:  Raajaa kaiyyai vachaa


Construction will bloom again to PETRONAS height.

Today we see smuggling in Aqua Regia solution, in hair driers. It will be there as fine threads or as fine powder in hypodermic needles and hence why not in imported sand?



“WE made a mistake, want to apologise to couple”  


Attackers say they acted without thinking


Times of India Chennai edition dated 28th October 2017.  Page14.

What an easy going statement to escape from, after perpetrating a crime?

பரிசுத்த பிதாவே நாங்கள் என்ன அட்டூழியம் செய்தாலும் அதை நீ மன்னித்துவிடு

அதை நாங்கள் தெரிந்து செய்தாலும்  தெரியாமல் செய்ததென்றே சொல்லுவோம் 

எங்களை மன்னிப்பாயாக   நாங்கள் இளஞ்சர்கள்  கல்லூரியில் படிப்பவர்கள்நாங்கள் தெரிந்தே செய்த இந்த அக்கிரமத்தை  மன்னித்துவிடு. அவர்களின் உடலில் நாங்கள்  அடித்து  வருத்திய காயங்களின் வலியை அவர்களே  சகித்துக்கொள்ளுமாறு  கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறோம்  இதற்க்காக அவர்கள் எங்கள் தம்பி தங்கைகளை  துன்புறுத்த நினைத்தால் அதை நாங்கள் பொறுக்கமாட்டோம்  ஆனால் நாங்கள் செய்த இந்த அட்டூழியத்தை அவர்கள் பொறுத்தே ஆகவேண்டும் இதுதான் எங்கள் நீதி. பரிசுத்த பிதாவே  பொறு


இப்படிகூட புலம்புவார்கள் நாளை இவர்களிடம் மீண்டும் கேட்டால். ஆக்ராவில் நடந்த தாக்கல் சம்பவத்தில் பிடிக்கப்பட்ட இளைஞ்சர்களின் அவரின் பெற்றோர்களுக்கு  நீதி மன்றத்தில் சொல்ல ஒன்றும் இல்லையா ? ஏன் மௌனம் சாதிக்கிறார்கள் ?


இவர்களை நீதிமன்றம் வெளியே விட்டால்  அது நமக்கே ஆபத்து. நாளை  நம் மகள் தெருவில் நடந்தால்  இப்படித்தான் மறுபடியும்  நடக்கும். நம் நாட்டில்  நல்ல பாதுகாப்பில்  வாழ்வோருக்கு இது தெரியாமல் இருக்கலாம்.   மறப்போம் மன்னிப்போம்  என்றால்  நீதிமன்றம் எதற்க்கு? நீதி  நேர்மை தவறினால்  நாம் ஒருநாள் கட்டாயம் தாக்கப்பட்டே  அழிவோம்  இது  நிச்சயம்

மக்கள்  மனம் நொந்தால்   நீதி அழிந்தால்  இந்நாடே  அழிந்திடும். நீதியில்  தவறுகள் எங்கோ நடக்குது. அதனால் இயற்க்கை அதை சரிக்கட்டுகிறதுயாருக்கோ யாரோ பலியாகிறார்கள். இது தொடரக்கூடாது. நீதிக்கோர்  மனு என்று நாம் மார்தட்டினால் மட்டும் போதாது  அதை நடை முறையில்  காணவேண்டும் காட்டவேண்டும்.


By Sundareswaran   Date: 28th October 2017.




A man of letters is an idiom and has a pride of place. It carries many synonyms like skilled, supremo, techie, wizard, high priest, guru and like that.

But when it comes to man with numbers, it raises the eyebrows and make the forehead with designs of many wrinkles.

I had the first shock of my life when I wanted my identity card prepared for the entry into the Bombay Naval dockyard on official duty. At the dockyard there was a cabin and one photographer gave a slate carrying a number and asked me to hold it against my chest. He took the shot and gave the laminated ID card in an hour after the seal and signature of a top brass. This was valid for one year. This was my first experience.


%X $% 1XYZ   AB/0$/0##@#/*&^%$##   @*&^%^$#@     HYUTP$$$$G     &&&& %%%% $$$$  

*&/&%&*^%$#   IUYT-Q^^^^^^^^^^^^    ^$HG0%^$B


What are these?  Not mere numbers. These are the very breath of a common Indian. These are the great Voter ID PAN Passport UIDAI card and PDS Smart card. Even with these a common he or she is not sure whether he or she is a complete citizen of this great country. One must carry all these and many more to come around his neck or preserved under his garments ( from the struggles one had undergone to get these, one can know the value of it as to get another if lost is lost) wherever he/ she go to prove himself/herself as an Indian. Still these can be refused outright by an official if one is not in possession of its Xerox copies. Thanks to this machine. It gives a replica of whatever is fed in it and never refuses to accept the original!

Still some more numbers are there to be included, but they are valid only in some places and not at other places. Fakes are in million!

During the deluge in Chennai in 2015 December, I had lost all my certificates related to my education.

Now I am nearing seventy. Will I become a Rip Van Winkle in my village, nobody able to recognize me?

Will the officials in the Ministry of Education be helpful in retrieving my old records free of cost?

Will there be any Smart degree card and smart mark sheet card to appear in future?

After thrusting all these numbers on a common citizen, now the officials themselves are struggling to identify which one is a valid one and which one is superior and the fight is going on in the palisade of Supreme Court. Only King Solomon has to come for the rescue.

While one official took the credit for it on voters list (God only knows) the other one thought it will add feathers on his financial brain (with black and white money and with fake as well not able to identify even).

One is needed for the foreign jaunts.

Then the brain behind an IT savvy. The great all body scanner number, from eyelids to eyelashes to finger lines, leaving only the footprints.  The picture perfect it should be in all respects, but alas! Not only I could recognize my face but did not get a proper finger line imprint. But as Brutus is an honorable man it still clings everywhere and with the number it is identified. My mobile number is linked with it. Some or other it worked.

Then the great old charm the ration card book is getting replaced by PDS Smart card.

When everywhere there were lots of errors in its making, I prayed God and today when I got it I first checked for the picture, then my dad’s name, then address and very eagerly my wife’s name. Ha! Luckily everything is perfect and I had a deep sigh.  I really felt I am smart, but it was a short lived joy.

When I asked the gentleman who gives my monthly sugar whether in future I need bring only this card, he looked at me and told “no no you must keep this book also along and bring it”. You will be under a searching camera, he told.

“Then why this card?”  He squeezed his forehead and from the wrinkles I could guess his doubts about it as well.             To look, it is really a smart card, solid and unbreakable, colorful and silky.

The great Indian Number trick!


%X $% 1XYZ  

This is nothing but my birth date. Though I was born at Egmore Mother & Child hospital, I do not have any record of that. I do not have any knowledge of my birth being registered in the hospital records. If the present day officials ask for it, I will be at a loss. The records might have been eaten out by termites or even lost.

Again I beg your pardon “Will I get my new birth certificate as ‘Newborn card?’


If I lose my number

I will lose my slumber

Once there is a double

I always will be in trouble

Comedy of errors it can be

But tragedy in life it will be.

The fight is on in Supreme Court

To show which is the first in its slot

Will that be without flaws?

Before my life comes to a close?


By Sundareswaran Date: 27th October 2017.

My last note:



Some may ask what it is.

This is a more unique looking number. In all the cards so far made the numbers are printed horizontally.

This card is called YKB card.

The number will be arranged in a circle. One can start from anywhere and end. It will contain 50 digits.  Why fifty?  It’s based on one family one child norm. Man, woman, their one child, its wife or husband, their child.  This card will not burn in fire, it will not fade with age, termite proof material, will not sink in water. It cannot be destroyed even by an atom bomb. Even a Braille type projecting code can be made for the differently abled.

It’s very simple!

This is a special YKB number. Of late Chennai is under deluge every year. Suppose I am lost in the waves and land in another country, I can sing a song of numbers and our family on hearing it will get united. YKB stands for yadon ki baaraat, a phrase that stands for the reunion of a family. This card has uniqueness that it can sing your family song. There is a chip hidden in between layers.


Otherwise like the climax in Cedric Mount’s ‘The never never nest’, at least I can say that these numbers linked one with the other is exclusively mine and that of mine only.


Though we are still at a far end in linking rivers, let this linking of numbers be a bench mark.

Our rivers are vanishing. Give a number to each and link.




Flying food particles

At restaurants of future, food may fly into your mouth

The caption in Times of India dated 24th October 2017 Page 15 Times Trends


“The world is made to run faster or the man is trying to run faster to build an empire? Both are impossible task in any way. Remember, even the supersonic planes, the pride of place of France and England was grounded after few years.  There was a story: How far the man can run.

The other day I happened to see a program in Animal planet. I was wonder struck to see the seagull flying fast on the surface of the turbulent sea and before I could blink my eyelid, it lifted a big fish without wetting its body and flew away.

The same may happen in future in hotels too. Idly will be thrown and the man in the fast moving car will be catching it with his mouth wide open. Days are not far off. Training in this line seems to be essential just like dog catching the biscuit thrown”.


When I wrote this in my article ‘Beginning of the hotels and the era of fast food’ on the 29th October 2013, nearly four years ago I never thought that the levitation technique will raise the food particles.

This technique is now very much used in superfast trains in China, Japan US and Germany. Called as magnetic levitation, the wheels will get raised above the metal rails by few inches as the train picks up certain speed. Retaining a magnetic grip with the rails the trains virtually fly at 300 Km /Hr to 570 Km/Hr without a jolt and sway so that water will not spill out from the edge of a fully filled glass.

A welcome sign of course in the advancement of technology.

The researchers in the University of Sussex UK have found the method of levitating particles with high frequency sound waves. This acoustic levitation works by creating a powerful ‘standing wave of sound’. But of course it can lift an object to a size of pea only. That means a size of 7 to 8mm and weighing 10 grams per 100 seeds.

So, one can expect many ‘boonthees (a semi liquid paste made from Bengal gram flour) in globules following one after another into the mouth.  So to get the satisfaction of having eaten a laaddu will take few minutes or few hours depending on size. Will anyone be able to keep the mouth open till the last globule? The jaw will get locked. We must have remote control or diverters to other mouths in waiting and so on. Now the hoteliers must be wary in calculating the quantum of food gulped by man as he is sure to tell that he hasn’

In our old film Maya Bazaar in which SVRanga Rao aka Ghadothgaja was gulping the food appearing in air, plates moving in ground. How they had picturised without the knowledge of levitation technique? Wonderful. Today we are using computer graphics. Later appeared the 3D film in which children were standing upside down on walls and flying.

Our age old Rishis were performing this art of levitating with the sound. Was it OM.? I think it must be. The resonating effect of this standing wave when concentrated on a target can even break a rock.

Even the octaves of music have that power. Awakening the kundalini these Rishis could levitate from the ground.

This could lead to restaurants where people see the food floating before their eyes, and, if they are rude enough, take a bite as something they fancy comes into view. One can even order the restaurant to have an orderly delivery of items on the table or even directly into your mouth.

People will be walking and sitting under a wonderland of hanging food. If the food passes through the garden it will collect the fragrance of flowers, but if it has to cross a gutter?

Long back there was a talk that Japan has discovered a camera film from which will emanate fragrance if the photo of a flower is taken. People thought it as a wonder but suddenly they decided to withdraw from that invention due to obvious reasons.

The old time game of hanging biscuits on a rope end and catching it will have a new twist. Harry Potter’s game of quidich will become real and the witch’s municipal broom will be sold like hot cakes in Amazons and Flipcarts. This will be played by all age group with a flying golden bee. Then like golf bags in a rich man’s house, every household have plenty of brooms in their door corners.

We can now dream that there will be no more use of petrol and diesel as everyone will have a broom tucked in between their legs. The opulence of oil producing countries will get dull. No more pollution on earth and we get big walkways. Then why we should walk at all.  We can land on the Empire state building taking care of that steeple and spire. A broom War altogether.  I hope this broom flying will bring equality in our country. The Aam Admee Party can feel proud of their symbol which will be raised to international level.  All the planes will be grounded and like Siberian cranes we can also migrate to any place where water and food is available, but the problem is that we will drain the water and pollute it and throw the waste all over. We need not sing the lullaby of storks carrying the babies.

The greatest success in levitation will be if we can send a convoy of our leaders and their coterie like a swarm of bees even to a height of 28000 feet above sea level avoiding all these array of 500 cars. Here the sound waves they generate will surely lift them to that height and there will be no dearth for it. One can fly out from the group if there is a split.

They say the food will get sweeter and tastier.  Sweet tastes more intent and bitter tastes people find quite pleasant.  One could even use it to give medicine to children and old aged.

The present day yoga schools will have a field day and slowly a curricula for levitation in different levels will be prescribed and then the rush for entrance and entrance examinations, diploma and degree and doctoral and altogether it will turn out to be money spinner and we can recruit few as money carriers if at all there is a raid.

In total this levitation will be a boon to roam around creating a flutter everywhere. The future generation will be all flyers as dreamt by Wright brothers when they flew their plane at Kitty Hawk with wing warping and aerofoil theory and Magnus effect.

By Sundareswaran Date: 25th October 2017.

This levitation technique is very well explained in the epic Ramayana in the Bala Kanda itself.

King Thrisangu wanted to see heaven and against the warning of Vasishta that no living mortals can enter into heaven as long as they breath, he was helped by vishwamitra to rise to heaven from earth. Lord Indra saw this and when thrisangu landed up at the entrance of heaven, Indra pushed him out and with thanthric powers of penance Vishwamitra positioned him upside down in between heaven and earth and named it as Thrisangu heaven.

Generally the word thrisangu stands to denote a middle ground or limbo between one’s goals or desires and one’s current state of possessions.

The Tri-Star constellation in the Milky Way resembling the cross is supposed to be the heaven of Thrisangu as pointed out as Southern Cross.

The countries which have found this technique and are now making use of it in running high speed trains by levitation have very well understood that this technique  will give the desired goals only when there is a contact between the surface above earth and the rails as the persons travelling are alive and that is the reason the lift of wheels is also limited to few inches.

We are flying at high altitudes is only because of upward thrust (of Vishwamithra) and an equal downward push (of Indra).

Nature’s innumerable powers are immeasurable and unfathomable.