Who am I?

It seems to me as though I have two souls, a real one that lives on the surface and another hidden one, ‘possessed’, that often seems to be mysterious to me and to all who know me! Is it true? I don’t know.

Again, who am I? I don’t know. But I have parents (father no more in this world), sisters, brothers and so many relatives through my father and mother and wife and now through my daughter after her wedding to a gentleman and few very good friends who all love me very much. I have not earned much nor I could do it, and now I have reached a level that I don’t need anything more than my family, but I am loved and looked after very well by my dear wife and daughter. I was helped by few to come up in life and I tried my best to come up, but got stuck half way unable to climb up further. But no regrets. My grey cells in my brain are still ticking and I am doing something. Teaching mathematics. I owe very much to few Gurus who really helped me. Children to whom I could do a bit have come out bright in their later lives. I am indeed proud of it. I have given a grain to this society, if at all the society recognizes it, and that grain has the weightage, I feel. Some parents really feel its magical impact on their children. I am able to fulfill something, not to praise myself in this regard.

After seeing so many failures in my life, with in between few drops of successes, I am still proud to live because of my wife and child, whose encouragement is instilling in me to this moment, the life to live with smile.

The cranky thoughts came into my brain in the form of tears when we lost our pet cat INQUI on the 3rd of OCTOBER 2013 and flowed in the form of song of few lines asking GOD why you have done this.

Then a series of headlines followed in my mother tongue Tamil and in Malayalam and Sanskrit and of course in English. My daughter gave the title MY CRANKY WRITINGS and a blog was opened.

Really cranky yar! More inside for people to read. My life and struggle, my thoughts, imaginations with some shots of humour and inspirations from the writings of most educated personalities. With apologies to them.
All these writings are in the best of hope: WITH MALICE TO NONE.

Sundareswaran alias Murali Dated 10th March 2014

Not a tail end line, but the beginning:
This introduction was the inspiration from my wife SABITHA and daughter NIKHILA.


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