Carrying thoughts

Whose sharp eyes that could be

That gazes at me like a budding flower

By whose thoughts that overflows in me

Like that of the bubbling dew drops

Says I do not know says I do not know

The vesper twilight that beholds in silence.


Plucking the strings of rain that fall on earth

The sky sang the melody in high pitch

Like the song that a lover sings on seeing

A maid he hadn’t met before.

Along with that sang the river

And the bamboo shoots and 

The cuckoos settled in the bowers.


In an ecstatic moment

The twilight

That was melting on the earth got erased

Along with that the floats carrying lovers

Started swimming on the Yamuna.

Not telling anything and

Not knowing that you have left

Cries the bird trapped in the cage of arrows.


By Sundareswaran  Date: 11th July 2017.


Translation  for ONV Kurup’s lyric “ Oru naRu pushppamaai ennErkku nOkkum


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