The dancing hues have faded

The dancing hues have faded from the skyline

Will the disappeared evenings

Come back alive?

Will the birds that have flown away from the sky

Return again?


Loneliness is killing me

And in the lighted wick

Like a blossoming flower

The flickering flame still stands.


The whispering sound of footsteps

Of the changing seasons is still heard.

By fondling the feathers of memory

I am still waiting for you dear

Looking at the blank alleyway

With my eyes wide open.


The crystal glass of time of youth

And that of life has broken off

And the wine in it has spilled and is flowing off,

With this useless life that is disappearing from me

Why I should live in this island of pearls?


English Translation by Sundareswaran Date: 7th June 2017.



This song can be a tribute to the old age feelings of a man for his departed partner.


 Kudos to ONV for his lyric in Malayalam “ NIRangaL than nritham ozhinjoree maNNil”


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