Aawaaz dE ke hame tho bulaao

It was the year 1962. The life in a small village of mine was very calm and quiet.  There was a small thatched cinema shed about 2miles away and we had a nice ride in a bullock cart. The summer was very hot  and we all had buttermilk in the afternoon and  we got inside the  50 paise bench seat in front ,just behind the  ground seats were it will be spread out with fine sand and  one has to have a towel to spread and sit on it to watch the cinema.


The picture was Professor. A Hindi colour film. Though we did not know Hindi, the purpose to watch the film was to have a glanze of Darjeeling which we have read in our book only about the mountain railway and plantations and marked it on our map.


This song in the gramophone was the signature tone to know that the talkie has started issuing tickets. This will be repeated two or three times for the people to gather from far and near and we could hear it from our village.


The song Aawaaz dE   ke   started with high pitch with a baritone voice of Rafi Saab, and may be F5 for Lathaji and the cinema shed was vibrating everywhere as the sound was emerging through each and every pore in the thatched roof. Inside, the heat wave was creating its own hissing noise as people started removing their shirts. Some persons had bought their own hand fan and some with newspaper were trying to cool off as much as they could.


Rafi’s voice created a sensation in my brain.


I started translating that song in another way.


Satham thaan pOttu  nee  enna paadinaayO

Athin artham thaan puriyaamal thadumaaRinEn

Ratham thaan kothikkuthu  veyil soottinaal inge

 Cinema Kottaai    kathavaithaan thiranthaal

KaatREnum varumE.


சத்தம் தான் போட்டு  நீ என்ன பாடினாயோ

அதன் அர்த்தம் தான் புரியாமல் தடுமாறினேன்

இரத்தம் தான் கொதிக்குது  வெயில் சூட்டினால் இங்கே

சினிமா கொட்டாய் கதவைத்தான் திறந்தால்

காற்றேனும்  வருமே.


By Sundareswaran Date: 5th May 2017.


Courtesy and source:  A therapeutic inspiration from Mr.  & Mrs. 55’s writings.


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