What have we lost from this world?

Everything, literally.


We have lost our peace of mind, we have lost our health, we have lost our time, and we are at the verge of losing the flora and fauna bestowed by the creator of this earth, the God.


Our brain helped us in unearthing the gold from beneath and the greed destroyed the earth in all the way it could. We have demolished the mountains to grab the granite and other stones without any limit.


All these destruction tantamount to the extinction of flora, and fauna and finally it will uproot the human species itself from this earth. We are playing too much with nature as if it is our slave. We are not bothered about what they are feeling. Even if we cut a branch of a tree, the tree shivers and shrugs, but just as the proverb ‘cat has nine lives’, it tries to rebuild itself, a special provision given by nature or God, whatever we call, to satisfy the needs of fauna to its maximum extent. The nature knows how to heal its wounds.


To a certain extent we could set right our broken bones and put back in position, but we do not have the therapy to rejuvenate an amputated limb. It is a guarded secret with nature, only for flora, or for that matter with the God.


We poach animals indiscriminately as if they provide an elixir for our life to immortality.

Can we live forever?


Are we not interested to show our next generations these species?


Darwin’s theory of ‘struggling for existence and survival of the fittest and the theory of natural selection is only one part of our own existence. They are all governed by nature and its five elements and not by our Maida’s touch as we feel. Dinausers went extinct by natural process. No human were on earth at that time and human could not have faced their strength and ferocity, which even Spielberg explained in his film Jurassic Park as man tried to outsmart its existence by recreating and with all his capabilities in technology.


We are talking about cloud computing. A computer metaphor used for storing and managing data. Can we store water like clouds and help the farmers for their use?  If not, then what is its use?


In the name of development we obstructed the five elements to flow freely around the earth. This completely spoiled the tranquility. Thus we lost the seasons that should be at the right time.

This in turn spoiled our peace of mind. It spoiled our health and the diseases started spreading all around. Our medical world has developed to cure and contain these diseases. But at what cost? We created a Frankenstein. Are we able to afford them within our means? Few escapes and nobody live even then forever, living on others income. Are we not ashamed to enjoy such a privilege?


The diseases have outgrown from the control of the medical science.


Now everyone is thinking backwards to the age old saintly life of enarming with Yoga and natural medicine. The air is polluted to breath and we are stuck with cleansing the nature and hunting for green. We are unable to bear the heat and the air conditioner spoils the air. We are now scared to come out from the closed doors.


We cannot bring back the tranquil surroundings our forefathers enjoyed and lived within their means.


We may ask one question. Have they seen the modern technology?

They were living with nature. They were feeling it, touching it, and breathing every bit of it. They didn’t spoil the nature. They gave it to the next generation.


Can our modern technology bring those things back to us? Alas! It can’t, however it may try.


The fury of the five elements will become a daily occurrence as days pass by.


So we have spoiled it to the maximum. So let us suffer with it till a Messiah comes to redeem it.


By Sundareswaran Date:  10th Jan 2017.



This topic flashed in my brain when a tanker lorry came with drinking water and the fight that went to grab the maximum by some and in the mêlée many left without it. The chaotic scene and the thundering noise that erupted spoiled the entire silence that was there few minutes before.


What happened when the flood that occurred last December? What the technology could do? The water could not be stored or it could be diverted to dry lands for its succour.


The earth will rotate even without us.


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