Lone, lone, lone

Lone,   lone,   lone,    why are you   alone

Sad,    sad,     sad,           why are you sad

By looking ahead,     wipe all the loneliness

By smiling in loneliness,      wash off  the sadness away.

Why do you      get angry always     why do you

What do you    gain by this in any way    what do you? 

Lone,   lone,   lone,     why you are ’lone

Sad,     sad,      sad,       why are you sad?

Smile smile smile

And smile     for a while

And dance    dance    dance

Dance in the rhythm of heartbeat


How can we        make them to realize this      for which,     

Time now is       very much in short

This time is    now      very much of value

This time       you       put all effort

Fools only    will blame      that is the fate

And that only     will always       keep their mouth in taste.

Why don’t you    say      good bye to all these

And why do you think    to flow    in those ways

Laugh laugh laugh

And Laugh at      all these things now

Smile smile smile

And smile     for a while

And dance    dance    dance

Dance in the rhythm of heartbeat.


How can we    change all these habits?

We are all       liers to them

Stop nagging,      nagging and all that,  and

Stop all these   self esteem and all.

The rain that falls     from the clouds in the sky

Does it hide     anything in it?

Let us all      join hands,    together and

Let us share    all this sorrow and joy.

Please smile smile,    

Smile please smile

And smile smile smile

Smile in the rhythm of heartbeat.


By Sundareswaran Date: 10th Dec 2016.

The above one is the translation of the Hindi song ‘Gum sum gum, gum sum ho kyun tum’.

Lyricist: Swanant Kirkire and Music: Ilayraja

This is sung in similar tune of Malayalam song ‘Thumbi vaa thumbakkudathin’ written by O N V Kurup for the film OLANGAL. Music by IlayaRaja Sir.

The long gaps between words are given as a break in the sequence. Just sing and feel it.

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