An autobiography of a newly printed 2000 rupee note after demonetization.

During our school days when one rupee note was a prized possession which we used to get very rarely on our birthday, not for all birthdays, we used to preserve them in the cupboard in an asafetida box and used to make a daily count and check as a ritual and pray to King Midas to touch it. Such was the value and devotion for that crisp brand new currency. Very very slowly it will increase into two, then three and like that. The gestation period for this growth was very much more than the chick’s formation inside an egg.


In the class, the teacher used to ask us to write the autobiography of a rupee note as a part of grammar and composition giving us the outline on how to start and  he would explain its printing press life and its flow through the bank and treasury and how it reaches the person’s pocket and how it turns dirty and torn out one after its long journey.


Alas! Those days disappeared when the fake notes entered the market. The autobiography was forgotten and everywhere everyone started counting new notes and the arrival of ATMs made it happen that there are only fresh notes.


The demonetization made it even worse. What I have seen on paper the picture of new 2000 rupee note and  before I could dream that I will have one such, I could read out in newspapers that crores and crores of such notes are packed and stored in certain hands. While banks say they are not getting these notes for their daily distribution and are at the verge of closing their shutters, how these much could pop up in certain hands is a moot question which even the most intellectual deductive will shun to bring out the truth.


This situation is really horrifying. The legitimately printed note is crying in front of the fake and between them a fight is going on to know who their real and unreal parents are.  King Solomon would have tested by tearing off the notes but the claimant is totally unfazed as he has many such children and is even ready to put a test of burning them.


When Dolly, the sheep, was the first mammal to be cloned at the Roslin Institute Scotland, It was a great leap in the animal research and the world looked at it with awe. Kudos to Wilmut and Campbell.


When we see these real and fake notes here, we are at a loss to find which is real and which a fake is. Such is the cloning of notes that is printed out by our intellectual brain.


No more autobiography can be written as we do not know where its origin is. No more tales for the black money and no trails for the ATM frauds. That’s why today’s grammar and composition is different!  A is not the first alphabet in English. There is something far behind and beyond!


By Sundareswaran Date: 9th Dec 2016.



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