Walking for health

Walking style can predict memory, thinking decline using computerized analysis. The Researchers at Mayo Clinic in US measured gait parameters such as stride length, ambulatory time, gait speed, step count, cadence, stance time and arm swing. This was conducted on persons between ages 70 to 80.

For a therapeutic stroll, just add a little ski to it. A really nice article to read and practice if time space and health permits. Of course, time we must find within this span of 24 hours, the space to breath is depleting and we must make a soul search for oxygen to fill our lungs, and the age, to increase the span to eternity we are all struggling to do all these acrobats of walking, jogging after downing half a dozen capsules.

 The dance in different style, Bharatham, kuchippudi, and the like will all come under this category. The way in which the body swings, sways and moves and gyrates and vibrates, are a type of Nordic walk. The posture, the gait and the balance are all parts of Nordic walk, claims Ritu Mittal.

This type of Nordic Walk can burn up to 900 calories per hour based on the level of intensity. Nice indeed to practice and perfect it.

 Just think of Faxian, FaHein or Fa-hsien or Faahiyaan for us, was a Chinese Buddhist monk who travelled by foot from China to India. What a lot of energy he had to walk across icy desert and rugged mountain passes. He walked back to China again!

 Again look at Xuanzang, Huan Zang for us, was not a Nordic, but a novice monk, took his journey by foot all the way from China and back! He became famous for his seventeen year overland journey.

These Buddhist monks walked to gain knowledge and spirituality, whereas the present day walks are to shed the extra fat and sugar that has accumulated around everywhere.

Think of a person walking on the present day advanced technology Treadmill for one hour and straight walking to a restaurant and consuming potatoes!

Think of a six year old walking to school carrying a load of 6Kg books on its back. A straight away training to mountaineering equivalent to the present Ruck (Rucksack) walking.

Retro walking is possible when we see stray dogs on the streets to avoid the biting.

Chi walking is just the ‘Thaam thi thaam thai tha thai type. All the body part will twist and turn. We can whisper this and walk like that keeping a hearing aid and an android mobile.

Just walk on the Chennai footpaths, if it is there, with the following hurdles.

It can be JS BM walk, otherwise, it is walk on sand and building materials dumped.

It can be DS walk, otherwise Drainage slush walk. where drainage trash is dumped. Here one more exercise happens as a reflux. That is breath control. By mistake if we happen to step on it, then it will be ski walk.

Again it will be AEPB walk, otherwise around the open electric pillar box walk to avoid shock. Sing the song ‘Around the shocking box taking eight steps far’.

Again it can  be DS JO walking, otherwise dog shit jump over walk.

Never be a Jay walker inserting all the wires in different parts and play Pokémon Go game in your Smartphone and let it not end up as disaster walk!

Definitely the last three will require special skill and embarking on this form needs to be approached very carefully under all ages and all stages as it is a never ending endurance test.


By Sundareswaran Date: 30th Nov 2016.


Source:  Times of India Chennai dated 30th Nov.

With all appreciation to Ritu Mittal and Dr. K A Thyagarajan bringing out the benefits.

My write up is purely for a joyful reading with malice to none.


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