Poverty and Prosperity

Just like Mini’s father’s concentration was disrupted by his little daughter Mini’s call of ‘Kabuliwalah kabuliwalah’ (who used to shower the dates and dry fruits in front of the little girl), when he was about to write the story of Prathap Sing the hero who was about to jump out from the fourteenth floor of the fortress along with Kanchanlatha the heroine on the horseback, as in the story Kabuliwalah by Rabindranath Tagore, a totally contrast episode took place at the gates outside my house.


Just I was about to type out the Diwali greetings as ‘Prosperity for all’ through email from the inner den of my house thinking that it will spread out on all directions of the universe instantly like lightening, I was shocked by a far cry ‘Ammaa Pichai pOdunga’ (Oh Mother, give me food). This really subjugated my thoughts and I really failed in my conquest of spreading prosperity from the inner dot of my house, the aura of poverty from outside caught me like a chakravyooha or an octopus. We shared a little sweet and savories with her and her joy she felt came out through her smiling face. But how long that can last in her though my mind will flash only the same face always?


Then I started thinking. How far we have come forward in our life? We have not been able to alleviate the suffering and hunger from the earth in spite of the availability of everything for our need. The greed and conformism is still reigning us and killing us.


Unaware that his lover is his mother
From an old fairy tale called “Yuvanatarukan”
Children of the lady –Vasutha, thus create a new history
These children strip Vasutha’s clothes too
and sell them in market for their drink
Sharp axe of the cruel paramour still continues its play
Blazing eyes of sun  showered fire and danced with fury
Clouds searching for drinking water
Autumn searching for cool climate
Spring searching for a little flower
Rivers searching for water stream
Nature loses its balance
And Life Cycle freezes.

A poem by O N V Kurup


Here Vasudha is the Mother Earth.

What a forethought the poet had! This is happening now.

The animal species are getting extinct by man’s invasion totally forgetting that he is bringing his own destruction.


By Sundareswaran Date: 29th Oct 2016.


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