The Present day Wedding arenas

In olden days the wedding was a five day bash in bride’s own house. Shamiyanas made out of thatched roofs and bamboo poles and decorated with festoons was really a feast to the eyes, especially for children as they could blow and break more balloons than the usual days with many mouth watering sweets and savories.


Slowly it became a matter of two days as friends and relatives were to come from far off places and considering the increase in expenses. Then hotels made these arrangements ‘all under one roof’ pattern. One need not run behind all that is needed for a wedding, except for a bride and groom. In old parlance we say as ‘from salt to camphor’.


Then the rich started to show off with new avenues. Chartering a flight, and a cruise ship the Wedding in air, wedding in floating vessels were a craze, and I am sure wedding in metro rail will also happen. The invitees can have a free roller coaster ride in the metro just like a free ride around the sun standing, sitting and sleeping on earth. So far no one has ventured in satellites. If ISRO wishes, they can get their revenues back in one marriage.


The marriage halls are now crowded with so many items. It looks like a trade centre with stalls of Bangles, Mehandi tattooing, (the modern skin psoriasis to call that way), and a beauty parlor, pan masala shops, kulfi and lollipop in mud pots, venders with their traditional costumes welcome you from all corners. The health drinks like Jigri tandaa and kombucha can be added as the latest innovation in India. Slowly treadmills and Ayurvedic massage spas will creep in it. A change is a fashion now!


Now it has gone a little more advanced. Wedding near a mountain range, wedding in a cave with costumes and masks worn to resemble the cave men effect is the modern trend. The motto behind being ‘one with nature’. The lush green, the full moon and the paddy fields and the running river that can be viewed standing near a cliff will be indeed breathtaking experience apart from the fragrance of musk and other varieties of scent that the people spray on them and added to it the aroma emanating from the delicious food arranged as buffet. Leh, the Himalayas and Alpine and Rocky mountains are beckoning you for this grand festival.

The old song ‘KaattukkuLLe thiru vizhaa, kannipponnu mana vizha’ will be the best one to be played or sung during this occasion. This song can be played as Dhandiya dance as well with best choreographer.


When the veteran director Bharathiraja took the camera to villages to shoot his films, it became a history and the studios and settings crumbled and collapsed like bunch of cards. It became a trend setter.

Again weddings can even take place in the remotest islands where waves will sing songs. Even a typical tribal wedding can be enacted in the serene ambience with signals sparked through whatsapps for the world to view. Marriage in the tiniest island will appear in the Guinness Book.


Now it has got into the wedding fests which may give the wedding halls a deserted look.

Earlier cinema halls got changed into wedding halls and then to multiplex and multi storied flats.


By Sundareswaran   Date: 26th Sep 2016. 


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