Like the twilight at setting

Like the twilight at setting        

That throws the crimson rays in front of me

Through The openings of the door

I heard in the corridor

The sound of your footsteps that is sweet and slender.


As if someone who fondles the nerves in my heart

With their finger like the soft breaths

As if the droplets those fall on the leaves

As if the elixir sprayed on life

I heard your vibrating footsteps

That thrilled me without my knowledge.


Like the bee that is humming   searching for the flower

That is covered by the dew drops like a veil

And not able to taste the honey,

Not able to understand the meaning

Of the slow chanting sound of your footsteps

I also stood still.

Like the shadows that draw pictures in front of me

You also appeared like another evening.


By Sundareswaran  Date: 2nd September 2016.


Courtesy: Lyric: “ Vaathilppazhuthilooden munbil”

Lyricist:  O N V Kurup Sir

Thanks for the inspiration to translate this Malayalam song in English.


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