The general meaning of cheating is ‘acting dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage’.


Right from the evolution of earth till the first man and woman, I could not see any cheating has occurred. There is no record of it. Once Adam and Eve entered the scene, though there is no literal existence or physical evidence in the evolutionary genetics, the apple came between and the serpent enticed or cheated them to eat it.

If we go through different epics we see so many cheating incidents.


In Mahabharatha it is the tricks, in other words, it is cheating, played by Krishna at so many places that helped the Pandavas to win the war. Dhuryodhana made a palace of wax to kill Pandavas. So many got trapped as victims of circumstances from which they could not escape.


The origin of Olympic Games according to Greek mythology is also enmeshed with death and cheating.

The horses that pulled Oinomaos’s chariot were celestial, the horses of Ares, God of War.

Pelops defeated him using the horses of Poseidon, God of Sea and a bit of cheating. Getting the help of the royal stable keeper Myrtilos, he replaced the bronze axle with one made of wax. This resulted in the collapse of chariot and the death of Oinomaos and declared Pelops as winner.


To be fair in the Olympic Games, the athletes honored Zeus, King of Greek gods and keeper of balance of universal justice.


In the present context we can say that ‘the degree of cheating is exponentially proportional to the capacity of either crooked brain power or brawn power’.

We can say that the knowledge empowered us to think crookedly and cheat one another and the society at large. Printing fake currency and minting fake coins , creating fraudulent documents, cheating the public by using power and position both past and present and after cheating anywhere and everywhere trying to enter and escape like a camel through the eye of the needle. Adding poisonous chemicals to ripen the fruits is another field in cheating.

 Added to it the cyber crimes and the cheating through electronic and computer media have grown globally. Squeezing out the cash from the ATM machine is the greatest cheating game now.


With the growth in the medical world and in medicines that can stimulate instant or nascent energy for a while like the speed of light, the so called ‘dopes’ are a menace for the mankind. It is administered to racehorses and greyhounds to enhance sporting performance. It is even injected in milch cows to extract the milk and it becomes the nail of death for the cow. Even that milk is poisonous in one way for human consumption. Adding water and other ingredients that give a look -like feature of milk to earn few more coppers in this busy world of and on goes unnoticed.


This evil drug has entered the great arena of Olympic Games as well. The opponent or a rival who could not get entry tries to dope the new entrant and make him fall  victim in the test, and taking the drug and totally denying it and claim that it is accidental is also cheating. Wahl! What a great achievement! He has won the ‘Olympdopic medal’.


Once there was a talk: Why struggle for a gold medal when we can bring gold from Gulf.


By Sundareswaran date: 5th Aug 2016.


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