Pokémon Go

Taken out from the Japanese lexicon and got popularized (?) by the smart phone whatsapp and android and the like.

Like the erstwhile petrol guzzling Buick and Plymouth this is a power game, I mean electric power consuming and money consuming game, though it is free. The player should pack himself with wifi and tie around his hip an inverter/converter power bank like a suicide bomber to run the game for hours.  It needs the physical presence of a golf course or a race course space. Walk on the roads and play with your monster and win the game like a wandering monk who goes in search of God. Even if you fall in the open drains when played in India) there are drain line scuba divers in well protected lo-in cloth to pull you out. No need to worry for space. We have the great planet the Mars. I do not know whether it is a water diviner as players walk with it in full concentration.

When I first heard about this name, I was at a loss how to decipher this word. Later came to know that it is marketed by a company by name Nintendo. May be the nityaananda or nirantharaananda this game will provide for the players. For me, the dull headed one, this game concept will not enter into the almost dead cells in the brain. Thus my concept that it is variety of mango got neutralized in thin air.

Going back to the year 1987 when the great little car rolled out from Delhi by name ‘Suzuki’ we understood that the name is nothing but a twisted and turned and squeezed out word from the Tamil words ‘Kasakki pisukki and nesukki  that thereby got reduced into one eighth size of  the mother Plymouth.

Again in 1987 there was a great bollywood buster Mr. India in which appeared the immortal character Mogambo played by none other than the baritone voiced and fierce looking Amrish Puri,

but he was ‘hamEsaa khush hai’man. With a tonsured head and a snake tattoo he eclipsed all the other villains in the tinsel world so far played. But the great Gabbar Singh remains tall in our memories.

There was a mobile phone service provider ‘docomo’. Where is it now?

From the land of god’s own country the words like ‘chOdichO’ and ‘ParanjO’ may also turn out as great games in question answer form that can even end up in a squabble.

This ‘Pokémon Go game cannot be played where the internet range is weak.

J K Rowling popularized the great game ‘quiddich’, with Harry Potter and his team and rivals flying on broomsticks to catch or pocket the golden bee. To replicate this, the down to earth children could keep the broomstick between their legs only but could not rise from the ground to become buoyant. One more Wright Brothers should come.

In the meantime we can also conceptualize our game ‘Gilli thanda’ with the GPS. We can name it as ‘Gillaango’. Like the 18 hole golf course the gilli also will be virtually put into each hole with the physical presence of wandering all over the course terrain with different forms of ‘thanda’ and we can have a caddy or we can name him as something else. A great going it will be like.  The track of the gilli can be traced with GPS. Or can it be three hole marble game where the shade of the great banyan tree is sufficient to start with. Later we shall enter into complex games!

But beware of match fixing in this field also as it is a parasite that goes with every game when it reaches  fame.


Once upon a time heard ‘Rock a by baby on the tree top’ lullaby tickled my old brain

Sing in the same tune


When you play Pokémon Go game on the phone

The battery will drain out fast

If you can’t recharge them on and on

The game will come to a jolty halt.


When you play Pokémon Go game on the phone

Sure you will forget the paths you have drawn

When you jump in a pit or drain

The monster will make a laugh.


What a wonderful song was that

‘Tum jo Huwe mere Hum safar Raste badal gayE

Laakhom diye mere pyaar ki

By Geetha Dutt and Rafi Saab from  film 12O’Clock  Great music by O P Nayyaar Da

Please link to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q3xnlk-luAI


Was that song a forethought of Majrooh Daa for the present generation Poke’mon Go

Listen carefully. Most of the lines will drag us towards the phone in which Pokémon game is loaded. Isn’t it?

Aayaa majaa Laayaa nashaa tEre labon ki bahaarOn ka rang


Kya manzilE kyaa kaarvaan baahom me tEri hai saaraa jahaan

Aa jaane jaa chal de vahaan milte jahaa hai zameen aasmaan

Manzil se hi kahin door hum aaj nikal gayE


By Sundareswaran date: 30th July 2016. The initial days of Poke’mon was from the junk food packets of Lay and Kurkure in the form of cards.


Few years back I remember having played the skating on snow game in computer. The skater will slide down the slopes and we have to negotiate his speed and movements with the four arrow keys so that he will not collide with rocks and with other sliders. As time goes the speed automatically increases and the monsters will appear from all sides and the man will be invariably caught and eaten with a wild laugh and the game ends. His reaching the safe destination line is very remote. I could never win the game however I tried to be careful.


In Tamil, the word Poke’mon Go almost spells like ‘Pakkam VaangO’

Then the sequel will be ‘Etti’pon Go.

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