Edible Cutlery

Invention by Hyderabad based groundwater researcher Mr. Narayana Peesapati. Kudos to you Sir.

 But this topic is only something to munch and laugh with malice to none.

 After the edible ice-cream cones, this one is a new generation food. Palatable and at the same time no necessity to clean the bowl. Just drink water.

There were a time people used to carry ‘koojaas’ and brass tumblers and dabaraas and their own food while travelling in trains and buses. The times have changed and slowly the paper cups came in its place as use and throw material. This over a period of time started spoiling the railway tracks and roads. Though claimed as recyclable, nobody, even the rag pickers were not interested in it to collect and sell it at waste paper marts or to recyclable centers. Now they are flying all over and chocking not only the drains, but the intestines of bovines as well. But they are helping in creating job of conservancy for the municipalities. But we are paying for it heavily without our knowledge.

In eastern sectors we see the mud pots for drinking hot tea and preserving sweet curd. Drink and throw, the pot breaks and the mud mixes with mud. A clean and natural recycling. Reshape the pot.

Due to shortage of plantain leaves we created pressed out paper plates and cups for our road side eating in the name of fast food and in buffets as a civilized class society. Again the overflowing bins became a problem and we could not solve that menace.

The plastic pet bottles are again a problem and some has found ways to build seats in gardens by filling them with mud and packing with cement. Some say even walls can be built out of it. Will the future generation see edible water bottles?

Anyway Dr. Vasudevan, dean of Thiagaraja College of engineering has found a novel way to recycle it and relay roads. Why not the concerned govt. authorities or some private entrepreneurs try it to relay the roads in the gated community living areas and see the difference.


Back to edible cutlery. A novel idea. The soup cups and spoons, the food plates and tea glasses can be made out. This will reduce the waste that goes in the dust bin and drain to a considerable minimum.

Even the poor and hungry can munch the empty plates at odd times to kill the hunger (for the have not’s) instead of eating the costly biscuits (for the haves) that are marketed.


As days pass, will there be edible electronic gadgets that can be eaten as and when they become either obsolete or unusable? But we have to take care of them from ants and other creatures and pets. Then these display shops will get changed into sweet meat shops. But, while in use itself our taste buds and fingers and tongue and teeth will not keep quite as they will be made in all flavors and photogenic hues.

We have the edible silver foils on sweets and cakes.

Beware! During marriage reception parties, the dining hall will be jam-packed and people will be waiting impatiently behind the chair to get a seat in the next turn. As a  stop gap arrangement, we can offer them soup in these empty bowls and  cups and keep them  satisfied to put down their hunger and anger and at the same time divert them from peeping into the serving plates to preserve their saliva from oozing out. This time interval can be best used by the standing souls for ‘Jollu’ talks. Two-in-one. JoLLu and scooping. 

Can be even a game who takes another round. Big bets can even be made. Why not? Once the gut gets filled after the stomach, the main course can be forgotten. As the God gets satisfied by a mere leaf, flower, fruit or water, it can be made as a test for our ‘Vairaagya’. A part of Yoga indeed!

I am sure this invention in a larger sense will be a boon to the eating society as a whole.


No wastage at last, but only in the form of s^%$&*&.


By Sundareswaran Date: 24th July 2016


Source: Sunday Times dated 24th under Sunday Special Page 13


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