Gold in the urine of Gir Cows and the latest list of food and beverages!

Long ago, one Great Indian from south extracted ‘magic petrol’ from the leaves! What happened afterwards is not known. He was awarded with many acres of land to cultivate that leaves. Where is it now and where he is?

Now the scientific analysis has come out with extraction of gold from the urine of Gir cows.

Holy cow indeed! Let us not kill it as the proverbial goose that laid golden eggs! At this stage we cannot forget the preparation of ‘Panch Gavya’ from the milk and its derivatives including the dung and urine! It is a medicine in Ayurveda.


When somebody is there to dole out there will surely be someone to hoard.


Now it has come in the food! Peculiar things are added or made out from these ingredients that will get into the human guts.

From the formation of first man and woman we do not have records of what they had eaten to survive except the forbidden apple. As civilization developed, we understood the nuances of agriculture and separated the vegetarian items from the non vegetarian items. Many cultivated that habit of eating fish and meat as per the availability and taste and as per the temperature conditions as they dwell.

In between we started to know about cannibalism of great Idi Amin. Many more may be in that tribe. Typical cavemen theory was followed. Biting the ear and chewing the nose and tongue are heard as news flashes from here and there.

Sitting in a comfortable place and enjoying the food has turned a full circle. We don’t have time now to sit and so the pattern changed to many forms like stand out and eat, eat while running and walking and these have become a part of exercise to relieve stresses and strains. Many theories got stuffed into this to make it believable and few gullible follow this stream.

Now we have learnt or we were made to learn the term outsourcing. Get everything from foreign lands for our consumption. China and Taiwan and then Japan in that line came to the forefront. They make us consume from A to Z in this world what they make, whether engineering, medical or food.

With an entry license in electronic goods especially computers and the gadgets of the like to Bullet trains they are here. Now they are in food front as well with bizarre ideas.


The golden shit of Thailand elephants are brewed with coffee beans by Sankt Gallen Brewery is sold as ‘Chocolete stout’. It costs a fortune.

China and Taiwan will make edible electronic items in future and we the computer age people can nourish them as we do not have time to turn around even to look at ourselves and care our siblings!

Many more items are coming in this list.

AMBERGRIS aka Whale vomit.

The above is ambrosia! Just like wine it gets sweeter and sweeter as it ages, the experts blurb.

The bovines have four stomachs and they have the habit of chewing the cud. That is what comes out from the fourth stomach back to mouth. In other terms it can be internal vomiting. Our medical term is acid reflux. This we either vomit or take back. Though it is a fermented stuff we accept it.


It is not a food item, but an ingredient to make soft papers. As this animal has the habit of shitting half the quantity that it has consumed, it is a profitable business. Indians have understood this.

Haathi mere Saathi is the right statement that we had coined out in our old Hindi film. Thank god! The director did not think in this line to take photos. We Indians can even try feeding plastics to cows to bring out ‘Plastic milk’. It will be supple and if fed to infants they will turn into Barbie dolls!

Darwin’s theory hasn’t gone wrong. Struggling for existence and survival of the fittest.


By Sundareswaran Date: 30th June 2016   Source: Times of India Chennai dated 30th June.


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