If I were the glowing dreams

Flowing by the swaying of golden feathers,

If I were the swirling dreams

Kissing the golden frontiers of heaven,

Every day in excitement

To your abode I would have come

And sprinkled the flowers 

On your swan feathered bed for you to sleep.


If I were your everlasting thirst

In the innermost of your heart,

If I were your yearning desire

In the silent mind that you bear

Every day in merriment

In your thoughts I would have come

And showered the glittering love

That is bursting in me ready to outpour.


 O’ my dear singer, if I were in your songs

That you have kept in your treasure of thoughts

If I were the tune you make

With your fingers by a tender touch,

Through The lovely dreams that take wings in me,

To claim I would have come

For those songs in which I am in different hues

During the nights when the flowers blossom.


Courtesy:   “Swarnachaamaram  veesiyethunna swapnamaayirunnengil  njaan”

The hypnotic lines from the pen of Late VAYALAAR RAAMA VARMA. Indeed great in melody, mood and music by Devarajan.

I have heard and read long ago that the Greeks got mesmerized by the tenderness and slenderness of the fabric made out from Muslin that could pass through a finger ring.

Here, I could see and feel the lines in this lyric woven finely, passing through the needle hole of love.

I hope I could create a translation as a partial fulfillment of my dream. In this I have taken liberty to cut off the lines of the female voice: “Gaayakaa…………”to make the love of the male much more sublime. The nectar is nectar. I only tried to take a bit of sugar from it to quench my thirst.

With pranams to Vayalar who lives in the hearts of millions.


By Sundareswaran

Date 9th August 2014.


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