What is true living?

The general meaning can be a state of happiness and satisfaction. Many synonyms can be attached to this word like gratification, equanimity, tranquility, complacency, serenity and few more. As for we, the human beings, contentment is a mental or emotional state of satisfaction that may be drawn from being at ease in one’s situation, body and mind. The way is to restrain oneself from possessing. We all say that sky is the limit in possessing. Then possessing what? Sky is limitless. Then where is the limit? Constrain oneself from possessing beyond limit. The problem of possessing comes from greed, avarice and jealousy.

How to measure it at what level one should stop possessing? It should be inculcated. It is a ‘Saadhana’ and is very difficult as far as greed and other foul feelings are embedded in mind.

The best way is to set limits to all activities, whether it pertains to clothing, eating, and housing. Observe and draw a line to limit the possession of wealth as money, ornaments. Limitless consumption will consume the person. Eschew the anger, ego, delusion and greed. They are the one that blinds our mind from the true vision of life. All these passions are driving us in search of possession beyond the limits. It is some sort of inebriation. The mind and body should be trained to get it right. That is the meaning of true living.


“Na toh butkade ki talaash mujhe

Na haram ke dar ki talash hai

Jahaan lut gaya hai sukoon-e-dil

Usi raahguzar ki talaash hai.


I don’t seek answers in the temple or the mosque. I am forever in search of the path where I lost my peace of mind.

 The famous and classic qawwali rendered by Fateh Ali Khan.

From where we can derive the pleasures of contentment ? By limiting our possessions. Create a familiarity between man and God. Once the connectivity becomes an undetachable bond, the vision of true living will be obvious.


By Sundareswaran date: 28th June 2016


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