The 2nd International Yoga day fell on 21st June 2016.

The entire world is in a Yoga mood. The ambience is seen right from the land of rising sun to the land where people live in twilight and darkness and also from the heights of Siachen up to Down under. Cutting across all the borders and religion and caste, it is spreading.

As the levels of flora and fauna are finding depletion, the amount of oxygen is also depleting and the increase in population along with the increase in road transport adds to this pollution level of Carbon monoxide and dioxide. The failure of monsoon and the shortage of water is another problem hanging in front or right on the head like the sword of Damocles.

We are trying to cling on whatever greenery is available to breath the oxygen that they generate at the same time showing a savage attitude in uprooting the trees where people from all walks throng for a girivalm on foot rather than in a cavalry of  motorcade. This Yoga practice of walking around ANNaamalai hills is under great threat now. We have beautiful mountain ranges. Why should we destroy the greenery? That is why the animals are coming out. Then we are blaming animals. Give them their share and we can live in peace. This is the Yoga of tranquilness.

If we think Yoga is something and our lifestyle is another we are totally wrong. If we think that Yoga has nothing to do with developments, then again we are totally wrong.

When a traffic jam is created by vested interests, it is also a type of Yoga, the Yoga of Power by suppressing others. For the victim it is a lesson on Yoga How to control the bladder for hours!

When we sit in a Bhajan it is Yoga to control the body, mind and soul.

Yoga is not mere standing on one leg or stay breathless for minutes or hours or flexing and stretching the muscles. If the practice of Yoga has to nourish and totally remove the diseases, the ambience should be congenial to it. Till then, God forbid, the medical world will thrive. Why Israel is ahead in Biotechnology? Why Japan and China are ahead in Industrial growth? It is because they practice the Yoga of Determination and dedication and devotion.

The toxins like greed, power, anger, cheating and all the foul smelling attributes are to be first removed from our body and mind and we must develop our attitudes towards determination and dedication in mind. This is the Yoga that is required for us at this moment.


By Sundareswaran Date: 22nd June 2016.


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