Fitness and wellness in new Avatar

Change is definitely the only constant.

21st century is declared as the International Stress Year and 21st June 2016 happened to be the International Yoga day.

Let us celebrate this event in full quorum.

Right from the evolution every living creature on this planet would have longed for a healthy happy and with a very long lifespan. Man wished for a never ending life span.  The creator of the planet, whom we refer as God, has mesmerizing plans to develop, protect and destroy this planet at His will. For this He created the five elements that keep a close watch on all these developments drawing a line wherever and whenever it is warranted.

The flora where made to remain where they are and He gave a very long life almost infinity for them to nourish. He knew very well that the flora is the lifeline for all other creatures including man what He created at last as a curse to the earth. Why I say infinity because of their capacity to remain firm where they are. A Peepal tree can remain for centuries or even millennium of years. In Cambodia the tree has consumed the great fort and a big temple and is still there.In effect the flora is perennial species on earth. This is called the Yoga of steadfastness or Yoga of Eternity. This is what the rishis wanted to accquire sitting at one place for many days, months and years to get this capacity in them.

He made the creatures roaming for their existence and drew a line not to encroach into other territories. They also followed the same path as planned by the creator and as and when they crossed over their lines of limit, their destruction was necessary and it happened in the form if extinction.

Now man, the super hero, what he thinks he is, wanted a lion’s share on land and kills all other creatures including the flora.

The creator waited so far by showing His power and patience but at times He plays havoc and with His five associates, He shows the man, His colors. Man, more often submits before Him and as and when He allows him a second lease of life he raises his tail again though he doesn’t have one.

Now a stage has come for man that he cannot live peacefully on earth and his very existence has come as a threat and he is running to escape from it. He has found Yoga, a providential method in existence right from the evolution of the Universe by which he can carry on a healthy and peaceful life what he had lost by destroying the flora and fauna.

He is searching for greenery and serene and sylvan surroundings what he had lost by his own greed to regain his ill health. He is in constant search for such an elixir that will elongate his heartbeats to an infinite number of years!

See what all tricks man plays to achieve it! MAANUSHA VISHAADA YOGA practices!

Light camera action

Fitness session:  Scene 1

Animal flow workouts: It is going back to the prehistoric age. Mimicking the movements of animals in Yoga style.

Crocodile crawls (RIDGATHI YOGA), frog jumping (KOORDANA YOGA), crab walks (JALABILWA YOGA) to alert the muscles that are sleeping. The frog jump inside a sac and crawling is a school day sport event. An easy way to practice these is just walk on the footpaths of the great Chennai city.

Sand Hiding: VAALIKA PAROKSHYA YOGA: Why man gets buried himself in sand up to his neck? Mimicking an Ostrich? Is it a reversible action of an Ostrich burying its head in sand? He claims it as a part of naturopathy treatment. The ostrich swallow sand and tiny pebbles to help grind up food in its stomach. What the body parts of human does inside the sand, God only knows! Is it to straighten a hunch-back? Ostrich can run at 60Km/hr! Can man do it? Bolt may be able to achieve it.

Trampolining: UCHAAL YOGA: In simple terms jumping on a cushioned surface or on a spring cot. In circus we used to see the trapeze players jump on a net spread out a little above ground level to protect them from a fatal fall. They jump on it and bounce again and again.  In modern terms it is Yoga to improve blood circulation and flex the muscles. Will it?

Now think of Lemmings which throw themselves off the cliff. This very small arctic rodent has become synonymous with self-destructive behavior, due to its alleged propensity to throw itself off the cliffs. In fact they are the best swimmers and to migrate from one place to another, they do this feat by jumping in water.

Can we do it? Some ‘bungee jumpers do by tying up their feet with ropes.

Aerial Yoga: UDBANDHAN YOGA: suspending from a fabric rope and twisting all over the body and use the body weight to twist and contort. Just like the legendary Tarzan and his very close aid ape. Some ‘bungee jumpers do by tying up their feet with ropes. Even the areca nut pluckers will do this Yoga by swinging and jumping from tree to tree as they are planted close by.

Rowing: ARITRA PARANA YOGA: Without a canoe or boat. You act as though the oar is in hand. Good exercise. In our school days the teachers ask us to sit as if sitting in a chair as a punishment. Can the present day teacher use this weapon? He is out then! This zigzag yoga cannot be practiced in schools.

Pebble walk: ASHTEELA RAJATHI YOGA: Walking on pebbles on barefoot. This compresses and pressurizes the nerve centers under the feet and improves the blood circulation. But what about walking in burning charcoal as a ritual?

Wellness session: Scene 2

The ritual baths:

Gong Bath: VAADABA SNAANA YOGA: A ritual practiced by Buddhist monks in the Himalayan region. Sonic waves are passed on to the body by sounding gongs or bells. Ringing Bells with different timbre have a medicinal effect to cure a particular ailment like the carnatic and Hindustani ragas. The sounds of all the musical instruments have a soothing effect. Even to wake up Kumbhakarna, drums were used to create an ear piercing noise of very high decibels.

Oil baths:  AKTHA SNAANA YOGA: The panchakarma as referred by Ayurveda. Copiously apply the oil all over the body, massage the body and a steam bath that follows it. It is magical. It relieves the pain in joints. This has become a state of the art session all over India in star hotels as a package plan to remove the extra toxins from the wallet.

Mud bath: KARDA SNAANA YOGA: This is another type of conservative treatment. Applying ‘special quality’ mud all over the body for the treatment of skin, kidney, and liver etc parts.

Steam bath: RAJAS SNAANA YOGA: The so called ‘sauna ‘bath. Sit in a steam chamber popping out the head like a ‘Joey’ from the belly pocket of doe for one hour after applying oil. The steam will make the pores in the skin to open up and the applied oil will penetrate through them removing the toxins by the ‘sweat out processes.

Kombucha:  ZUKTA PAANEEYA SNAANA YOGA: Western therapy. A sweet tea coming out from the keg after adding bacteria and yeast and allowing it undergo hibernation for few week long fermentation processes. Drink it and pour it all over the body. Supposed to boost the immune system. Why all this? After a night sleep get up and drink few glasses of water before a mouthwash. The bacteria inside mouth and tongue will clean the guts.

Forest bathing: KRIPITA SNAANA YOGA: When the forests are depleting, then where is the greenery? Hold on a green umbrella and walk.


By performing all the above Yogas right from birth, will it lead a man to immortality?!

 Try to understand the Reality of the Soul’s Immortality

Na Jaayate mriyate vaa kadaachin

Na ayam bhoothva bhavithaa vaa na bhooyaha

ajO nithyaha saasvatO ayam puraanO

Na hanyate hanya mane sareerE                           (Bhagavat Geetha Ch 2 Verse 20)


By Sundareswaran Date: 24th June 2016

Source: Times of India Chennai dated 24th June 2016 Section Variety.

All Yoga and no work make Jack a bright boy.


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