Girivalam around Annaamalai Arunachaleswara Hills

My belief:  OM Arunachaleswara!


The significance of Girivalam is not mere encircling the base of the hill but to climb in a spiral path to the summit. This tantamount to reaching the Kundalini level from the base chakra. By making seven spiral paths of decreasing diameter, the different chakra levels are crossed. This is a mental Sadhana that one should know how to achieve it. It is a body mind dynamics.


When we reach the summit with a fully concentrated mind, we will be sucked in the vortex of the Paramaartha Swaroopa in the fire form and we are instantly cleansed, like gold when put in the fire. One should get this feeling. In the physical body it is the formation of gooseflesh and tears from the eyes.

In Bhagavath Geetha also Lord Krishna says these words:

Oordhwa moola madha Shaakhaa

“I am like an upside down peepal tree. What is generally happening in a tree. The main roots underneath the earth collects the drops of water and send them up part by part like atoms reaching all parts of the tree right through the trunk to different branches and leaves up to its tip. Here the bottom most is the tip of the root and the top is the spread out foliages.

If it is upside down, the tiny water particles in the form of atoms will one by one move and gather together and slowly the completed water drop will reach the top root tip without fail. From the base chakra one travels up in spiral to reach the top and reaches the Kundalini level where the Paramaartha Swaroopa is seated.

Lord says try to reach me by moving in the reverse path. You are a subatomic part and at the base chakra level, that is you are at the tip of the leaf. Climb up through all the corners and crevices and try to reach me. As you come up you will gather momentum due to addition of other water particles (My energy levels) and when you reach the top you will be a full water drop that is you have reached me”.


In mathematics also as an object moves linearly, no force is exerted. When it goes along a curve, force is exerted.

Linear velocity divided by radius of rotation is equal to angular velocity.  As one goes up a mountain in a spiral path, the radius decreases and at the top it becomes zero and the angular velocity reaches infinity, that is why the presence of God creates a vortex and pulling force is experienced.


By Sundareswaran  Date: 23rd June 2016


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