Will monkeys overtake man?

“Monkeys are trained and employed as harvesters of large coconut plantations in Malaysia and Thailand”.

A statement in Page 4 of Chennai Times dated 25th May under the caption Fact of the matter.


Just like the adage ‘every dog has its day’, this statement is also worth investigating.

As per Darwin, the transformation of man has come from monkey. Man lost the tail in the process and the shape of face almost.

In 1957, Laika, the dog, became the first animal launched into orbit paving the way for human spaceflight in Sputnik2. It was a stray dog picked up from the street of Moscow. It died for want of enough oxygen and other trivial reasons.

Oleg Gazenko, the scientist responsible for sending Laika into space, expressed regret for sending it to space and kill it. “The more I am sorry about it. We shouldn’t have done it”.


Monkeys Able (Rhesus) and Baker (squirrel monkey from Peru) became the first to survive spaceflight after that. Though Able died after few days, Baker survived for long.

In Ramayana, the great epic of Valmiki, the power and capabilities of Hanuman is eulogized in a tremendous way. He could tread through where man could not.


The invention of remote control almost in every field of human activity has made man a worthless being except for the invention and press the buttons to activate each to get the desired results as fast as possible.

This has reduced the man power in industries astronomically and at the same time increased the production and man is just a supervisor. This has made quality control to the utmost maximum level with almost zero errors.

Just like dogs are used as crime detectors and sniffer dogs to sense explosives and narcotic drugs, now the monkeys are used to climb trees and drop coconuts from heights. They seldom fall by slipping down and can jump from tree to tree without sliding down as men do. But men jump from tree to tree in the case of areca nut trees as they are tall and hollow and very straight and slender, and are planted very close to each other. By shaking them at top they bend and swing and it becomes easy for a trained climber to catch the next one nearby. He will start from first tree and climb down at the last one and thus finishes off the plucking all of them in the field in one go.

How far the monkeys can select the matured nuts from the tender ones is a question mark.


Monkeys can be trained as the best robbers to get into the house between the window iron bars without bending and breaking it, unbolt the doors and man can then enter and carryout his mission  and make the monkey to do the reverse process of closing and bolting the doors. Only the correct action passwords from a close by area are required. It is only my imagination and how far it can be implemented has to be tested out. Anyway it is impossible to activate them in total darkness.


The important features of animals in this case are manifold.


They do not ask for any position or rise in salary etc. If you feed them thy will show the loyalty and integrity which is very much missing in human beings.

They will not strike work unless they are tired or old or injured.

If animals are taken care of well they reciprocate their love and affection which is seldom found in human beings.

They are not greedy though they may try to eat the other one’s food, if hungry. That is their instinct and not the show of greed in them.

They are the second in line of the remote mechanism in life and blood and not in chips and wires and soldering and lasers. The only difference is the size. The remote mechanism can be kept inside a palm, but these animals grow day by day and reach a maximum and are very visible. A remote mechanism can be programmed to do the work in an orderly manner, but in monkeys, how far this can be worked out is again a question mark. But by properly training them this may be possible, yet doubtful.

But a great doubt exists in my mind. I have read and heard the story of monkeys and the cap man.

As the monkeys are great imitators, they will do the work as done by a man. He must climb and they will climb. He must pluck the coconuts and they do so. He must throw them down and they will follow.  Then the story will be retold as one man and hundred monkeys.

Then again man is an indispensible tool as he is using everything to his needs and satisfaction.


By Sundareswaran Date: 25th May 2016.


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