Oh! Kindle The New Generation e-book

Oh! Kindle Kindle little book

How I wonder how you look

Up in my arm you look so lean

Like a tasty chip that is crisp and thin.


Lots of books that fill the shelf

Lie for years unused as ever.

Often browsed by the silver fish

And eaten by the termites that look clever  

Leave you in tears forever.

As you are safe from the termite’s grip

You gulp and paste them in tour tiny chip.


In the shrinking world

Where men like wily lots

Searches for space in every slot

In the new gen world

Where books are burden for tiny tots

Searches for someone

You have to carry their bags and boots.


You are really an e- wonder

With sizing fonts of varied depth

And no lamps needed to read under

It makes the kids

To read it clear and loud

And all the lovers of books

Will feel cheer and proud


Oh!  Kindle Kindle wonder book

You are really very nice to look

Up in the plane and down anywhere

You can be taken in a bag on back

Like a tiny Joey in the belly sac.



By Sundareswaran  Date:  19th May 2016.


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