Dance baby dance

Dance baby dance

Dance in the cloud of drinks

Dance and gyrate

Dance without losing the steps.


Dhoom  machaaO

ShOr machaaO

Rang sajaao

Dil bahalaaO


Na haram mein, naa sukoon milta hai butkhaane mein
Chain milta hai to Saaqi tere maikhaane mein

No respite is there in the pure sanctuary nor in the holy shrine
If there is any solace anywhere, O Saqi, it is the house of wine


ना हरम में, ना सुकूँ मिलता है बुतखाने में
चैन मिलता है तो, साक़ी तेरे मैखाने में
झूम, झूम
झूम बराबर झूम शराबी झूम बराबर झूम  



The respite here is not a

Garden or a place of holy shrine.

To live with peace of mind

I have found solace here

That cools the mind entwined

And intoxicates it

And that is the BAR and the wine indeed!


The rain clouds above…..aa…aa…

The earth below aa…aa…aa..

When the drink goes down  aa..aa..aa…

The intoxication goes up.


The rain clouds above

The intoxication inside

When the eyes doze off

The worries will fly off.


Hold the crystal glass of wine

Forget the world for a while

Till the intoxication settles down

Dance without touching the ground.


Today love the girl who intoxicates you

Throw away the good senses in you

This king’s daughter has intoxicated you

By making this drink go inside slowly

She changed your way of life in you.


Look at her sparkling face

At least once

Come to this bar and sit

In your running seat with grace

As the eyes get mingled with one another

The enjoyment in love will sweeten you further.


The oozing out grape juice

Is a river of honey

Drench in this and get

The happiness to an hundred folds.


In every drop of drink

There hangs the lovely pink red hue

On the ridges of this goblet

It is the sign of her lips and slips.

One drop that goes inside

Is as strong as nine glasses of wine

That will pull you into the vortex

Of new desires.


As the glass gets filled

Why there is fear in your hands?

When the subject here is drinking

All the boundaries are nothing but lines in water.




By drinking, the body gets energized

Even the old gets back his youth streamlined

Oh drinker, you get pleasure in drinking

In every drop there is life hidden in it

This gives pleasure to live in drinks

When the good words turn into idiotic rhymes

Look at the man, who is fully drenched in drinks

It is very nice to drink in the season of Spring

For it gives you pleasure to fly with wings.


Lift the goblet; bring it to your lips

Lift the goblet and bring it to your lips

Zip the drink and then gulp it full.


Those who come here and drink creates a flutter

When they see a saint, they become silent shutter

Come and dance with the name of the saint

See that he gets excited and you get exalted.


Drinking like this bring joy

To every nerve and makes it light

And over a time your face will glitter like a light

But no one believes in every drop there is poison,

But it is a wicked potion with a wild notion.


Drink in majesty, drink in grace,

Drink in majesty and drink in grace created

Live in grace and dance inebriated.


By Sundareswaran Date: 1st April 2016




Original song

Joom baraabar joom sharaabi

Singer: AZIZ NAZAN QAWWAL     Lyricist: NAZA Sholapuri   Film: 5 Rifles by I S Johar (1974)

Something which takes one to the time of OMAR KHAYAAM. A hedonistic existence of booze, drugs and parties. A pure conversation with the fermented grape juice.

To get the correct meaning for the Urdu dialect, I had to run through the lexicon several times,

While translating to Tamil some changes in words and lines are made. I have translated only the first part of the lyric in Tamil.



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