Dictum that governs in praising the gods.

All that is created on earth are mortal and perish over a period of time. We treat the Gods as immortal and disappear and manifest in several forms.

Whenever we praise the gods and goddesses with verses, we take the maximum care in describing them as perfect personified. The words should flow and pour like flowers on them. Some great poets have even transgressed their lines in calling them in singular using the words da dee etc.We cannot escape from that as the mythological figures in which they are drawn and displayed and are all assumed to be from the manifestations from time immemorial.

As they are made to be like that we cannot change them as we may get the wrath of gods. It will look as though Raja Ravi Varma has seen all the gods as we see perfection in them. Next in line is Kondiah Raju. (More and more perfect sculptures can be seen in Greek and Roman mythology with properly poised body language even with the blood veins and muscles and the fall of the dress will be natural to look at).

Coming back to our gods, their height, weight, color and the dress code and the weapons and vehicles and their consorts and all others are to be explained in detail and should follow a protocol.

If we take the case of Vinayaka, his body language and his dress code and his vehicle all have a set pattern. We cannot deviate. We cannot draw him or explain as a tall handsome man with six pack abdomen etc etc. But we can make him as a doll and make him play all games and all the musical instruments. With a stroke of a line as in shorthand (Isaac Pitman must be a god incarnate) he can be described or he can be stuck as a metal or plastic mould on greetings and wedding cards. We have made him a whimsical, graphical and Universal god, but of course without violating his intellectual property such as his size and body language and his pet mouse. Even He has appeared in Space suits. We have paid due respect to his pet to make it wear a small space suit. His favorite crunching food is always the MODAGAM.  A down to earth god indeed!

Similarly, if we take the case of Lord Muruga, he must not get his share of mango and he cannot eat an apple or orange to satiate his right and he must be a boy wearing a loin and tonsured head. Of course only Avvai Patti, and no other are allowed, will come and count on his and His dad’s qualities. He cannot escape from loving Valli and his six settlements should be explained in detail. His war weapons and the cock and peacock should be very relevant without that he becomes incomplete. But we cannot play with him like his elder brother.

Take the case of Lord Siva. He has to be with his matted hair and bull only as the cow belongs to Lord Krishna. He cannot fight over that and should be contented with what he has. Again he will be dancing and sitting in Kailas only either with his consort or with his children as a group photo presentation. Few other important that is specially belonging to him are the snake, Ganga and moon, Damaru and fire.Most of the time he will be angry or very serious. Either He will be praised in full or one half will be shared by His consort.

Then comes our goddess Saraswathi. She is the only goddess who will come to the forefront to teach us. None else have the authority. Again she cannot wear any other colored sari except pure white and we treat it as auspicious. Her musical instrument is only Veena and she cannot have an access over other instruments, though we term her as Kalaichelvi.  One cannot sing ”karuppu thaan enakku pidicha kalaru”. Violin and bow cannot even to be thought of.

Think of Lord Krishna. He should be in blue or blue black as raining cloud hue and his crown should have a peacock feather. He is in the midst of cows and girls and has a flute and he always creates  swaras in it which will always mesmerize the mortals around him. Buffaloes and sheeps and goats are not allowed. His childish pranks as a butter stealer, pot breaker and sari puller are a must to be explained in all details as much as possible. Radha is always there to display his pranks as others are in decoration. Apart from butter and avil, he doesn’t seems to have eaten though so many fruits will be displayed in his palace and Sathyabhama and Rukmani will always stand as watch dogs to check his requirement of food to keep him fit and handsome always.

We have the richest god and to see him we have to stand in queue and pay to get a laddoo and to hear the dirty word ‘Jargandi’ from the  khaki clad guards before we get a glimpse of him in full or part. Wo! Though he is on Penn Hills at Pittsburg US, he is praised as Lord of seven hills only.

While viewing Durga, always I used to lose the count of hands she has. But she comes in her blood red sari and mounted on a lion. A Black asura will be always be trapped under the powerful arms and teeth of the lion and invariably, or sure to be, her trident will be struck on his chest.

Like this many are in the pantheon. We cannot violate the rules of intellectual property of these gods.



Now let us take a look at the demigods with whom we, the mortals, can play pranks.


The first and foremost in my list is our great YAMA, supposed to be, or we have made him like that, the god who takes away our lives. He has his accompanying man Chithraguptha, always treated as a thoroughbred in keeping records of all mortals. His telepathic brain has the ability to know all our names, even if a numerologist or graphanomist happens to change the spellings and mode of writing always for his prosperity. His time of leaving this world is still unpredictable!

We treat them as our thick friends and we pat them on their back as if we have a direct linkage with all they possess. Even Yama can have the latest gadgets like computers and all assortments. Even if he comes in a motor cab with two horns attached (a must to make people know and laugh at) to make a replacement for his pet buffalo. His lasso can be spring loaded to catch a running dead man (a sprinter in Olympics). As lifting the heavy death records are difficult, chithraguptha can have the latest tablet and wifi. We can sing about them in any way we like.

So many films are taken in so many languages depicting them as fools and what not and for all these they have tolerated. As long as their intellectual properties are not disturbed, they are happy. They deviate from their treaded paths and commit mistakes, come to face all the charge sheets put forward by the human mortals. But they have no control over the violation that humans make in destroying the flora and fauna.

Even Gadodhgaja will eat all the food and he has no barriers over the GI code on foods or even fssai and green mark. The word poverty is not there in his lexicography.

Again look at Devendra. A wonderful character indeed! With guns, girls and gadgets he moves in a smoky and misty world of his own. Any type of dance form is acceptable there. He is bold, timid, cunning, totally an all-round humorous personality.

Next in line are the god men, some are born (who are no more), some attain and some are self proclaimed. Most of them run educational institutions and welfare centers. It is a special genre. They will be protected and covered by a coterie and praising and meeting them follow a strict protocol.


By Sundareswaran Date: 25th Oct 2015


Dictum: a formal pronouncement from an authoritative source or an injunction.



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