“Man bites fellow flyer midair, dies”. The news in Times of India, Chennai dated 20th Oct 2015.


A midair queasy or disgusting or nauseating incident had taken place in a flight from Lisbon to Dublin. The passenger turned frenetic and attacked a fellow passenger. The woman aged 44 was sitting next to him and she was found to be carrying huge quantity of Amphetamine, a potent central nervous system stimulant that is used to treat ADHD and Narcolepsy. The news caption could have been ‘Ear in the midair’ to be more attractive.

Bite your ears is an idiom used to describe someone who acts stupid or retarded.

Chew one’s ear off means to talk a lot about nothing. Like this many idioms and phrases are there in ear and bite.

When one ‘really’ bites the ear of one sitting next to him or her?

Now it has created a fear in everyone’s ears! 

At present many airlines are not even giving a cup of water during a flight. If a passenger bites the neighbor’s ear, we must take it in the way that it is ‘out of hunger’. Sometimes a mutual agreement may satisfy our hunger.

The election is forthcoming and who will bite whose ears is still an enigma.

Sitting in cinema theatre will be very dangerous as the biting can happen in darkness for so many reasons!

Wear the helmet before making your loved one to sit as a pillion rider! Who knows for what purpose she will be biting your ears?

Many such incidents had occurred earlier which were serious, passionate and funny.

Boxer Muhammad Ali bit the ear and nose of Joe Frazier in 1977

Boxing champion Mike Tyson bit off the top of Evander Holyfield’s ear during the last bout in the year 1997.

Miguel Olivo, the baseball player was suspended after biting his teammate Alex Guerrero’s ear.

Ricky Martin could not resist biting Jennifer Lopez’s ear.

Have you ever seen a rare photo of a seagull biting US President Barrack Obama’s left ear sitting on his shoulder while he was talking standing on a podium? Was it whispering in his ears for good governance?

Seagulls are lovable birds and they enjoy the game of cricket.

Generally animals have a special sense before they really bite. The friendly bite of cows and their calf is very familiar to me. Just like a toothless man eating the food.

Take for example the horse.  The behavioral pattern is very peculiar in them. Their sharp look. Tense and backward ear position will indicate apprehension. Mouth and lips turn tense. It shows the tendency to bite. Monkey behavior is unpredictable. Carnivorous also.


Suggestion:  To escape the bite wear Space Suit! All your easily eatable organs will be saved.

The newspapers are feeding us with something to bite.


By Sundareswaran Date:  20th October 2015



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