I and WE

When one spells the English alphabet ‘I’, an echo of harshness accompanies it. Is it not? Try to spell out again and hear the voice carefully.


Now come to the word ‘WE’. Spell it out. A soft feeling emerges from it.


When one says I did it, I achieved it, there is something hidden in it which one, either doesn’t want to reveal it or hasn’t understood it. That hidden fact is another one. What is a self starter for an engine? It is an external energy source that gives a ‘boost or push’ to the main one. We say Sun has abundant source of energy. It contains Hydrogen and who or how it got ignited? Either friction from another source or something else.

When one says I have built this house. Has he done it alone? No. He needed help from various sources to build it. From where did he get the land? From somebody else. Who is that somebody? From where did he get it? The question goes endless. Since our life is short, we have drawn certain lines and borders to check these things. Here we cannot start from zero. Just in a graph we draw a ‘kink’, and start from the known ends.


Again, if one says I have achieved it. How could he? He has brain. Then who polished the brain? Somebody groomed and later you diversified it. He may claim that he was illiterate and amassed all these wealth. Still the wealth in the form of gold and silver and artifacts are all from somewhere and without another he cannot.


How I came on this earth? Only with the help of somebody else it was made possible.


We created the medium money as a means to an end. It is not an end by itself.


Ultimately ‘I’ is only an alphabet which is hanging vertically and is unstable and for it to stand vertically some outside support is required.

Look at the word ‘WE’. It is a spread out letter. It is stable.  The science teaches us the difference between stable and unstable equilibriums.

In the midst of turmoil in a family, one may stand out and say ”I am here to help you” or comes to help without saying, then that letter “I” will be able to do it alone with the utmost co operation from others. A discipline is created there. At this point, if it is an egoistic ‘I’, then everything will get upset.

If the oar is not swung well in floodwaters where a boat is overloaded, it will definitely sink. Here the oarsman cannot think ‘I alone did it’ as he is also inside it. If he thinks he knows swimming, he must think that it was taught to him by somebody.


By Sundareswaran Date: 3rd October 2015


Inspiration from  ”Atreya Thomas” Revealing the Absolute.


Man can attain Divinity


Man can attain divinity

By sharing his wealth, he can become a philanthropist

By giving himself he can become an ascetic

Like the melting wax of a candle,

He can spread the light.

Living for the country, he can become an icon to remember

Living for his relations, he can become a fragrant flower

If he cries for the world, he can be a leader.

If there is a heart, animals can live in the nest of birds,

If there is a will, mountain can be seen in a mustard seed.

Good attitudes and deeds will become the towering temple.


An English translation of a Tamil  lyric By Kavi Arasu  Kannadasan


“Manithan enbavan Deivamaagalaam”.



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