The judgment

Any father with an iota of self respect and especially with a young daughter would have got a shock through his spine after reading that verdict of the High Court.  But they are all silent victims and would have prayed that such a thing should not happen to the society at large.

Kudos to Jyothi.Prabhakar for bringing out the article so succinctly. Kudos to Jim Sanjay for opening out the lens and project it.

Just like you, sir, I too was appalled and could not sleep. Though my inner nerves are breaking out to punish the perpetrator, I am helpless.

Your words: “I am the father of a young daughter, and I was very troubled by where our society was heading to” really touched me.

Your film Kamalaa will be and should be an eye opener; if at all the society wants to come out clean.

The wordings of Jyothi: “In India, one who steals is a thief, one who kills is a murderer, but one who rapes? The question mark itself gives out the the answer. You really touched the soul with that apt punctuation. Kudos once again.

Two films which I saw recently should act as a benchmark for the stopping of this heinous crime.



A final note: If this had happened to the SWC chairperson’s daughter?

Chastity is for both genders. Thanks to many gods. The victim has refused the verdict outright. A real hit on the Bull’s Eye.

I think she would have felt the “NAATTAAMAI’ film judgment will hold well. The words Reel and Real are, though starting with R and the third alphabet is vowel in both, the meanings are totally different and the actions too. The reel can be entertaining but the real?


By Sundareswaran Date: 4th October 2015.


Source:  The Times of India Chennai edition   Sunday Times dated 4thOct 2015

Chennai Times “A film inspired by Madras HC’s June Rape Judgment.


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Under these circumstances, I am afraid how I will safeguard my family. A gaping hole stands in front of me.


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