Fancy Dress

In the name of creativity, we spend so many fun filling moments in life. On such item is fancy dress.

It is played as an event in schools and colleges and we see so many characters and in films it is done on a regular basis.


If we cannot laugh at life, what for our life is?


So many ‘look-like’celebrities will flash in this dress competition. Unfortunately children are made to bear this unwanted burden as something thrust upon them. As a safety measure these children should say in what attire he or she has appeared, otherwise the judges themselves will not be able to identify the original.


Only few are born to become to show or exhibit the life like features of that character.  One such person is our Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan. Look at his features when he sports the dress of Chathrapathi Sivaji. Even The original Chathrapathi will hand over his throne to this celebrity. Take the case of King George V. Who is original? A doubt will arise in the minds of all the present members in the Queen’s family. Again going into mythology. Take the case of Karna of Mhabharath. Take that of Lord Siva in ThiruviLayadal film. If at all we want to see the originality, Nadigar Thilagam must take a rebirth. Today there are still a few who look real when they appear in certain features.


The other day I saw a pathetic scene on the road. Poor mother, most probably out of her rush hour struggle would have dressed up her very small kid in the form of look like Gandhiji. His head was covered or rather gummed up with food compound flour. With a pair of wide spectacles and a loin dress as minimal as it should and with a stick. He was virtually crying. She took him to his nearby school and waited for his turn to appear on the ramp like a beauty pageant. The VIPs gathered and the show began. The child was crying making sound from his belly that the mother had to take him and make him walk.

Hearing this cry, his very old grandmother in her 90’s and with white hair and a stick appeared.

She created a fun-filled ambience.

She blared out looking at the judge


Yaaradaa avan

En pEranai Azhavittavan

Ondrum theriyaathavan

MooLai illaathavan

Muzhu vazhukkaiyaai

En munnaal  nirkkindavan

En pEran sittaanavan

Sivantha udalaanavan

Avanai intha vEshathilaa

NiRkka vaithaanivan

Thinking that she is a teacher who had come in fancy dress, the judge selected her as a first prize winner for the role of ‘AVVAYAAR’ she had played.

The boy stopped crying and laughed to see his grandmother at the dais with a prize and garland.


We can only become what we can. Only some are born for some special roles.


By Sundareswaran date: 1st Oct 2015  A tribute to our Nadigar thilagam on his birthday.

Note:  The short lines are only a replica of an old Tamil song


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