By the time I could reach Mars From a poor farmer’s notepad.

So much of talk is going on now days about Mars and its potential of giving plenty of water to quench the thirst of man (is it possible, I doubt).The flora is able to find water with its deep roots drilled so precisely. But man drills everywhere and shakes the earth ultimately. He is a clever driller!

After, all the vested interests have fulfilled their thirst in Mars, (if at all water is there for them), then by the time the poor farmer comes to plough, (if at all anybody is willing to give him land), he will not get even a drop. When I imagine a farmer, Ajit Nainan’s cartoon with x-ray ribbed farmer with a stick and a cow and his wife and naked child standing on a barren land comes to my brain.

He will be lamenting with his fellow farmers or with his wife and child, “EllaathayumE vithuttaandaa”.


After calculating the orbital speed of Mars and Earth, it is found that it will take 39 days to reach when they are very close to each other and it is only for few minutes. If two persons are going in a satellite and one jump on Mars and the other misses, it is hell.

It makes me to rewind my brain having seen a Hindi or Tamil film in which two kids escaping from the clutches of the villain’s hand and after stealing a piece of bread from a roadside tea stall and trying to get into the goods train, one boy will surly miss the bus.

Here the stealing is to fill the hunger.

But in the case of water it will be a totally different story altogether.

Again there is a catch: Only during summer months in Mars this flow will take place. When it is summer there, what will be climate on earth?


If anybody puts the brain to transport water from Mars to earth, the tender will run to billions and trillions and it will end up in half done like opened out flyovers.

If at all some brains are thinking about shifting all the citizens to Mars, it will be Thuglekkian idea.

Think of the dress code. With a heavy glass hood to cover the face, thanks to Traffic police, they will not book you for driving without helmet. There will be uniformity in dress code as one cannot have a cheaper stuff. All are made equal in the eyes of god.

Really science makes us to think in so many ways yar!

Let us say cheers to science for its ultimate success.

Paavam  uzhavan perumoochuvittukkondE, “Ini oru jenmam irunthaal  paarkkalaam”


By Sundareswaran Date:  29th Sep 2015.


Source: The Hindu dated 29th Sep 2015  Page 22

“Briny flow boosts odds for life on Red Planet”


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