How Lord Krishna acted as a trickster and unfolded the Case files of few personalities in Mahabharatha

Few case files are still lying unopened, or opened and closed during discourses, or forgotten as it is in the epic, or buried deep, or found to be of no use as it has no vested interest in anybody connected with it.


In the case of Kunthi, he played the trick. He brought out the case file at the crucial moment when the war was at its peak where Karna is to stand against Arjuna. He informed her that Karna is her first son born out of Sun and he was rejected and he is alive. He told her to meet him and explain the truth and said that Karna will be able to identify her with the garb he had preserved in which he was covered and dropped in the river, when he was a newborn kid. Further, Krishna pleaded with her to make Karna agree to shoot the Naag Asthra only once. Krishna knew the power of that arrow that, if sent for the second time, its power will increase multifold and attack him as well, which he will not be able to control.


He played in so many ways with Karna to reduce his power. He made him lose his armours on his body, he made him lose his thinking power as a curse from Parasuraama.

Like these, many can be unearthed. But these case files were opened when the persons were alive.

When we unearth these files now, a fragrance comes out and sharpens our knowledge, our brain and intellect and makes us fused with Jnaana Yoga, karma Yoga and in the strains of Bhagavath geetha.


But when we unearth the bygone era  case files????????


I do not know from where these expertise ideas got snibbed in our brain?


By Sundareswaran Date: 27th Sep 2015


Foot note:


Snibbed:  a new word coined by me. The meaning is to get infused in the blood veins like a drug injected.

It started with removing the name of Aurangaseb from the road in Delhi after unearthing his past history. Ultimately what happened to Aurangaseb? He got etched deep into the minds of the present day kids who were not aware of the past historical events. Let us hope Aurangaseb’s kins will not come and fight back. Dr Kalam will live in our hearts as a special kind of personality or celebrity even his name is not displayed anywhere.

Then it came with unearthing the mystery of a bizarre murder case which ran throughout the length and breadth of media from the ear panel to the dead end corner of the last page for few weeks or months, I do not know. I am not prepared to unearth it again as I have disposed the old papers and by now it would have reached Sivakasi to make rockets for the ensuing Diwali.

Every night, the song

Gumnaam hai koyi  badnaam hai  koyi

Kisi ko khabar kon hai wo

Anjaan hai koyi used to haunt me with a hazed figure of a lady in white saree with a dragging palloo.

Now we are made to search eagerly with a magnifying glass where it is or we have to scratch and find it to get a gift hamper. Even Hitchcockian films were really scary and used to create a grip in the seat.    





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