The school timings

The priorities have changed and so the timings in all walks of life got changed.

Day and night are only two phases of a day. The bright LED lamps everywhere has made the night into day. The 9 to 5 office hours are only stories of past. Any time and any moment has become action packed and ready to attack. The computer world and the internet and the wifi etc have connected us globally. Now the connections have turned into a tug-of-war configuration. We are all glued either at one place or moving. In short we have become puppets on a string. Somebody will pull from somewhere at odd hours to get their things done.

My old school timings from 10 to 4 have totally disappeared in thin air. We had time to study, do our home works and play for enough time outside, taking bath in big  temple water tanks, then the bhajan and food followed. We were happy and contented in walking nearly 2 miles to school with our food packets and books and umbrella during rainy seasons on bare foot.

The paddy fields through which we used to walk, this continued even during my college days, were really breathtaking. The scenic beauty of those surroundings within my village and town would make Switzerland shy. As it was a daily scene, we could not feel it like that as it was in our every breath.

Only after a foreign trip I could feel the greatness of my own erstwhile village. Now it is totally lost there as well.

Two days back I saw an article in Times of India.


The change in timings.  I think this would have reached up to UN for discussion and implementation. This has become a delicate subject to handle, both for parents and teachers.

The Kindergartens in many forms have come up to cater from birth of a child. They all come in packages according to age and wallet. Now there is school to teach kids ‘to touch or not to touch’ and ‘good touch and bad touch’. One four year old boy asked her mom ‘why a lady is always following me’. She told that she is the caretaker. Instead of taking care she is scaring me, the boy replied. What for? I am scared.

One picture of a father carrying his one year old son on his shoulder, the top half hanging upside down  on his back and he was holding its legs firmly. The child was sleeping with its thump in its mouth. He was hurrying towards the kid school. He was talking something to it and the child was also making a sound as if listening or understood. An Abhimanyu 2 effect was seen there.  The time was early 6 O’ clock. Wife is in the battlefield during night shift and his change of guard is the day time. He left the child with the caretaker and hurried.

Abhimanyu 1 is the prenatal schooling, and it seems is there in Bihar teaching the Garb Samhitha.

Let us go back to our old pattern. Entry level at 5 years old. Remove the KG and play schools. Bring back the old timings of 10 to 4 with two days as holidays. Make good spacious playgrounds as mandatory instead of e-playing.

This is more than sufficient. The facilities given for education, job and post retirement benefits will keep majority of us live long till the end. Then why hurry to learn and get worried?

Now people are preaching about awareness to children and practical sessions in reality.

I did not see a Stroboscope during my engineering course in 1966-70. This took nearly 25 years when I first saw that contrivance in a maintenance engineering workshop and learnt how to work with it.

Heaven did not fall upon me for not seeing it for such a long time.

By driving at 200Km/hr speed, we are not going to reach the previous day.

By Sundareswaran Date:  23rd September 2015


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