Easing the burden

The headline by Kumkum Roy in the Hindu of date and the write up was really interesting.


One song immediately got into my brain.

‘Aap’ jaisa koyee

Agar hukumat kar ne aaye

Tho baath ban jaaye

Haa baath ban jaaye.


Kyaa padne   ka

Kya   nahi   padne ka

Aaj     bache ko

Nahi   samjhaanaa.


Ek Ek  kar do

Do do ke chaar

Chaar char ke  aat

Aisa kOyee pataanaa aaj nahi hai.


Internet ka duniyaa hai aaj

Whatsap kaa duniyaa hai aaj

Tablet ka duniyaa hai aaj

Selfi kaa duniyaa hai  aaj

Apni apni marji par

Chathaa hai  bache aaj

Aur chalathaa hai bache ko aaj


Aise koyi duniyaa me

Aaj chal kar bache log

Hamaara baap ban gayaa hai.

Wo hamaaraa  baap ban gayaa.


Mujhko aisa lagthaa hai ki, ye thEz rafthaar duniyaa mein, padnaa aur padaanaa ithnaa  thEz hOga ki  Ek saal ek claas , ek din ek class ban jaayegaa. Go by the first flight and return with a degree by evening flight.


If weight carrying is the primary problem (yes it is now), then split the book into three semesters. But in the final year end examination, do not forget to ask questions from all the three pieces. Such type of curricula will create shrewdness and creativity in the children’s mind. But, please do not reduce the number of pages in the name of censoring. Then only the front and back cover will be left out.

In the fictional stories of Desmond Bagley and Alistair Mac Lean, those covers will at least give the synopsis of the stories.

Kaun banega karod pathi questions can be answered later or even a child prodigy can be born.

Please do not cut the head to suit the cap as shown in the cartoon by Satwik Gade.


By sundareswaran Date 16th September 2015


Foot note:  The DPEP program in Kerala

See Frontline Vol 16 Issue 15, July 17/30, 1999  written by R Krishnakumar


A nice anecdote:

 Under DPEP program, a primary teacher showed the way to prune the trees for better growth. The next day the tree was missing. When asked, the children told we took it home for firewood.

As explained by Mr. Sasikumar, we cannot reenact a big bang theory or send a child to space in the satellite for the sake of awareness. The text book learning is sufficient for that.

When studying Engineering Physics, I was not even shown the Lummer Brodhun Photometer.Why? It was not there in the Lab.


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