Whenever sensational things happen, we see change in places, people, colour and change in the entire atmosphere. The atmosphere gets charged.


See the sensational event on 15th Aug 1947. It remains in my heart even today.


See the birth of Jesus Christ. The entire Bethlehem got charged, the shepherds got mesmerized, the entire cattle shed got lightened up. The star showed the direction to say that the redeemer was born.


Now a day’s very sensational news will finally hang in air or disappear like a smoke and sometimes it gets chaotic and finally ends up as a trash.


The phrase “changing of the guard” is used to refer to a situation in which there is a dramatic or big change, and a “changing of the guard” is basically a time in which new people are replacing other people in positions of importance.


If Arthur Canon Doyle had changed his powerful detective Sherlock Holmes and was going on replacing him with X, Y, and Z , he could have enlarged his stories beyond anybody’s imagination. He was steadfast in having Holmes only throughout. Thus the stories became sensational.

TV channels were not there in those days and the sops were nor disturbing him every 20 seconds.

That undisturbed and charged ambience made him create fascinating detective stories of immense worth that is being enjoyed even to this day. If the book is lifted, it will not be dropped without finishing the reading.

At one stage when Holmes end came, ardent readers went on an agitation and Holmes was brought back.

Same was the case with Agatha Christie and her Hercule Poirot. Her equally powerful detective was Miss Marple.

No power had disturbed them in their writings to change the course of detection or the story itself.


Think of the Ian Fleming stories.  007 became a standing name of ovation. But when it came to movies, only Sean Connery could make that number immortal and nobody else could catch it up.


Here I would like to quote Doyle’s words: How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?


After reading for so many days, I have seen that the news about family drama and bizarre murder and the rest that followed and that will follow totally confusing and have gone to the depth of making a tunnel for everyone to hide. Either it will be a hide and seek game or Vijay Veeru (Sholay fame) fake coin tossing game, or Gabbar’s famous dialogue”kuch nahi pathaa, bilkul nahi pathaa’. It had gone back up to prehistoric times and came out to the scene and changed over to the biotechnological research level. A good hope for the paleontologists and biotech researchers.


In between some other to be called as equally sensational news got entwined and I got into a maze. Skulls were unearthed from a farm house.


First two days it was sensational (as I must admit ‘yes sir’ as per the media standards), next two days it changed into a family drama (like a never ending TV serial), next it came at the argument level and I lost track of it. By spreading the full page I saw many pictures of several men and women positioned at strategic points. I thought it could be used to play chess! Or can it be used for ‘snake ladder game’?


First two days, I read it sitting on the breakfast table, then I changed the time to noon hours and it became evening news. Now I read it sitting in my loo and I have got an easy-going sensation to my bowels. Next it will be a tissue paper.


After reading so many issues, if one were asked to write a synopsis, it will be only one word TRASH.


When I asked my wife whether to stop buying the paper, quick came the reply. “No. It gives back more when it is sold as waste paper and more than that it is a chapathi spreader and my oil shelves are maintained clean”.

 Is it not sensational news?


By Sundareswaran Date:  11th September 2015.


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