I think 21st century can be turned into a ‘Year of Rape’. All the papers give out a visual glow of the events and its aftermaths. Rape in broad day light, rape in fast moving buses and trains, Rape by god men, all these are filling the breakfast table with an early morning paper. I think so far it has not happened in a flight, or has it?  Infant rape, teenage rape, gang rape and all these baser instincts inflicted in the minds right from the top to bottom. It is infused right from the top most in society to the road side level. Few are punished (or not in reality) and many are let loose to perform this act repeatedly.

To sleep he expects comfort. To rape he goes to any filthy place!


We climb all the rungs in the ladders of DNA and RNA, the physical brutality, the chemistry of body language, the biological combinations and finally the zoological beast comes out scot-free with no evidence. When it runs to a full page and continues for days and months, it becomes ‘sensational’. If it gets captured within the ear panel, it is ‘so so’. The case drags on for several years and finally it is “Maaya, sarvathra maaya”. All these acts end up in money after a disinfectant and a bacteriological cleaning.  Again it starts. Many places it ends with a sordid murder of the victim or ends in suicide. While the parents and relatives of the victims suffer in tears and torments, the culprits view it through the CC Camera and enjoy to their hearts content. The story paints a sordid picture of bribes and scams in the newspapers and it feeds the growth of the tree suckers.


The best idea to remove it is ‘the chicken soup treatment’. Hammurabi treatment is the only solution instead of the unwanted court room scenes.

One dialogue , a punching dialogue storms my brain again and again:  “Sharafath ki duniyaa ka hizzaa hi khatham. Ab jaise duniyaa vaise hum”. In the TOI of date 9/9, I could read the article on the retaliation by a 16 year old girl in Barasat, outskirt of Kolkata. One in million can perform such an act of bravery.

If a man and a woman are sent to space travel, it will turn out to be a rape in space or satellite rape. Even animals have instinct only during certain period of time and they do not rape.


One writer once wrote humorously; man is the only specie that copulates round the clock and throughout the year’.

Now one more ghost has appeared in the website. Ashley Madison. At this rate sex will become an open lesson in text books and rape will lose its lustre.


The films and porno can be considered as a causative factor for these happening, or the films are taken after such incidents have taken place. The revealing dresses in the name of modernity also contribute for these instincts. But the real culprit is the human brain and mind and his feelings which can be curtailed by proper grooming right from the infant stage. But in search of money, parents forget even the newborn kids and instead sent them to infant schools. This is an electronic era and so many gadgets can be planted over and under the bed and children are more susceptible to reach out on these. In loneliness and sitting with these gadgets, the brain gets inebriated with these types of instincts. Added with violence, one goes to any extent.


When I look at the speed at which the number of rape is progressing in India as I am not interested in probing the world strategy and statistics, I am afraid, and I will not be surprised even, if it turns out to be a sports event with diamond medals, pearl medals apart from the usual GSB medals. The age wise and class wise events can be created. Hope the dirty fellow will not rape a fetus in the womb!


By Sundareswaran Date:  10th September 2015

Source: Times of India newspaper and the trailer of film”JAZBAA”

The Hindu dated 5/9 on ‘Marriage, morality and more by Radhika Santhanam


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