DHRISHYAM In my perspective

The picture, not a picture alone, I felt it as a reality. It touched my heart. He may be a drop out from school. But he is straight forward. He is orphan who was yearning for his parents’ love and protection. This love and affection he was pouring on his wife and his two daughters. He lives in a small world and he is contented. A common man who was loved by people from all walks of life except a speck of dust who used to fall under his criticism for all his wrong actions.

The family got disturbed when a brat young boy entered and disturbed their peace.

The high handed conformism tortured them too much beyond the imagination, which he had already forethought about the consequences.

He is a messiah and he woke up from the fire as a Phoenix and attacked the high handedness in the right direction.

How many are suffering like this and are unable to tell it out due to fear from all angles.

I am happy that there will be Phoenixes like him to attack. This fear should be created in every erring mind.

The boy’s father understood the poor victims mind easily and confessed, but the conformism in the mother prevented to surrender before the victims. Her anger was more revealing than the sorrow till the end. She was looking at one angle only, her son and not at his attitudes. She is from a disciplined career and she forgot to teach the same to her son.

“The unwanted guest was sent to a place from where he cannot return”. Very good dialogue. A punching dialogue. Kudos to the creator of this story, whether it is an adaptation from a Japanese story or its translation in any language.

The discipline breaker was buried under the discipline making platform. The magnifying glass will never reveal the dirt under the feet.

Both sides are right and wrong in their viewpoints.

At the very end, I could hear the echoing and reverberating mantra:

Parithraanaaya Saadhoonaam

Vinaasaaya cha dhushkrithaam


Sambhavaami yugE yugE.


By Sundareswaran Date:  2nd September 2015


 Source:  Malayalam film DRISHYAM

Here I would like to quote the dialogue from the forthcoming film JAZBAA, an adaptation of Korean film “Just seven days”:

“Sharafat ki duniya ka hiza hi khatham. Ab jaise duniya vaise ham”.


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