An intriguing and bizarre murder

Since few days the media is in hot pursuit or rather searching out a verdict for an Agatha Christie style murder.


The Times of India, Chennai edition through which I am going through gives so many twists and turns and at last got twisted up to the DNA /RNA level of twist. I got confused with the relationship the characters in it have in between and among them and I have to spread out all the issues together on my dining table to compare the pictures as well. One told me to draw a hierarchy chart.


The writer Sujatha (Rangarajan) used to tell one thing very humorously. In a serial running to many weeks, the synopsis will be written from the second week onwards about the previous week episode. Then people will get a tendency to buy the last issue only to know the entire story. Will the media come out with such an idea? That will really act as a panacea for the readers to avoid the migraine attack.


Two names of the movies are vividly flashing in my mind. One is a very old one, the name itself run to three episodes. In short it is ATVAC and the new one is AR. In the first one there is the usual dialogue in the question format: “Sudhamathi enna gathi? Uyirudan irukkiraaLa illaya?” ( Whether Sudhamathi is dead or alive) If anyone comes with an answer yes or no, he will be beheaded. Here it will be slightly a different question. Whether the killer is the actual killer or not, a new twist will get formed. Whether it is out of wedlock or not, again a new twist will form. That is why it has reached the DNA/RNA level of interrogation.


Again the question in the new version: “ Ennudaya appa  yaarukku maamanaarO, avarudaya pillayinudaya appa enakku maamanaaraaga vanthaal, unakkum enakkum uLLa uRavenna?” Utter confusion, isn’t it?


That is the situation now. It will run as a mega serial and all the characters will be changing as per their wish to create a new relationship. Nothing will happen to the episode in between even if ads appear every second. Entering with a physical and turning into chemical and twisting in search of biological and finally comes out with a zoological nature of relationship is indeed bizarre.

Will this be like the speech given by Holmes to Watson as “there is a scarlet thread of murder running through the colourless skein of life, and the duty is to unravel it, isolate it, and to expose every inch of it? Or is it ‘RACHE’ in German.

From the great Thandoor case to hotel murder case, so far nothing has come out.

Agatha could find out the motive behind the judge in ten little Indians. But what is in store in the minds of 200 crore Indians is intriguing indeed.


Again in Gabbar’s voice: “ismein goliyan kahaan hai? Ham ko kyaa pathaa. Ham ko kuch nahi pathaa. Ham ko bilkkul nahi pathaa”.


By Sundareswaran  Date:  30th Aug 2015.

ATVAC  Aaayiram Thalai Vaangiya Apoorva Chinthaamani

AR  Apoorva RaagangaL


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