Land grabbers had taken over temple properties.

Interesting news in Times of India dated 22nd Aug 2015


God said light and the light came into existence. Then the five elements.

Science predicts in a different way, the big bang theory. We don’t know the truth behind yet. God created man to look after the flora and fauna and man grabbed the land and poached the fauna and axed the flora. For every type of destruction, he gave the polished name ‘development’.

Here I would like to quote a line from a blog I have recently browsed.

Jujufilms Aug 9, 2015

Quote:  When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them they had the land and we had the Bible.  – Jomo Kenyatta   Unquote.

Long back I had seen a cartoon. A man sleeps under a shaded tree and a bird perching on the branch. Both were dreaming. The man wants to axe the tree while the bird is eager to make a nest on it.

Earlier it was greed that went ahead of need. Now it is the grab that has surpassed greed.

Now who will grab the temple? A question arises here now. The owners of the temple lands are still the temples’ deities! Who then has signed the documents? Any Power of Attorney?

A day will come with the statement: To grab is my birthright and to defend my action is my grit and growl. I had read about Vinobaji’s Bhoodhaan movement. Now it is nothing but farce.

Now the situation has reached a full circle. Global warming, incurable diseases due to pollution by our own making, the change in climate cycle due to destruction of flora.

Mr. Brijmohan has given a very good narration under the topic ‘Let’s plant more trees to save ourselves’

Under ‘the speaking tree’.

Here he has given only few. The next in line is the sand grab and it has ultimately spoiled the water tables and dried up the fertile earth.

Where and when and by whom it will end? Who will kill the shark?

Neil Armstrong showed the passage to moon and took few samples of mud.

Has he paved the way for (which he wouldn’t have even dreamt) a big land grab on the moon?

Now that we have circled the Mars, all eyes are leading towards that red planet. A long way to go, but we know the shortcuts.


A wail from a distant far off ungrabbed land


Kuch na kaho

Kuch bi na kaho

Kya kahna hai

Kya sun naa hai and the same got repeated again and again. The gramophone record has broken and the needle is still alive.

Is there anybody to grab the garbage bins and make the globe gritty and gleaming?


By Sundareswaran Date: 23rd Aug 2015


In Gabbar’s words:  

“Kithnaa jamin hai idhar?  Chaar  sau biga Saab. Kithne maangthe ho? Do biga saab. Sirf do bigaa. LElo pooraa chaar sau bees. Saab chaar sau bees ek number hai saab. Patha hai. Humko sab kuch pathaa hai. Ab aayegaa majaa. Sab  cheen ke sab ko chaar sau bees banaalo”.


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