Will our dear ‘Nadigar Thilagam’ Chavlier Sivaji Ganesan go back as a museum piece?

I am talking about his statue which was unveiled with so much of fanfare two years ago in one of the busy traffic junctions. For me, I did not find any inconvenience or felt that it will create a roadblock more than that is being created by the VIPs when they visit the city.


At this juncture, a powerful dialogue delivered by the veteran whose metallic statue is now in dispute comes to my mind. The scene is from his iconic film ‘Veerapandya Kattabomman’.

When the British officer asks him to pay the tax from his kitty as others have already paid their dues, he answers with a punch.

Going in similar lines, when I look at his statue now, I feel that he is uttering the dialogue as:

“VEru ellorudaiya bommaigaLum ingum angum, nadu rOttinilum, mukkilum moolayilumaay sithaRyirukkaa, ennudaya silai mattum naalupEr theriya irunthaal, athu unakkoru nashttamaa, athai eduthu  arunkaatchuyagathil vaippathaal unakkenna laabamaa?”

En arumai thaai naade, nee ennai VaLarthaai, Unnai ivvulagam aRivathupOl Naan kalaikku seytha thondum ulagaRiym. AthupOthum enakku. Naan ulagamakkaLin uLLathil ennaaLum uyirudan VaazhvEn. AthupOthum enakku”.

வேறு எல்லோருடைய பொம்மைகளும் இங்கும் அங்கும், நடுரோட்டிலும்,முக்கிலும் மூலையிலுமாக  சிதறியிருக்க, என்னுடைய சிலை மட்டும் நாலுபேர் தெரிய இருந்தால், அது உனக்கொரு  நஷ்ட்டமா?

அதை எடுத்து அருங்காட்ச்சியகத்தில் வைப்பதால் உனக்கென்ன லாபமா?

என் அருமை தாய் நாடே, நீ என்னை வளர்த்தாய், உன்னை இவ்வுலகம் அறிவதுபோல்  நான் கலைக்கு செய்த தொண்டும்  உலகறியும். அதுபோதும் எனக்கு. நான் உலகமக்களின் உள்ளத்தில் என்னாளும்  உயிருடன் வாழ்வேன். அதுபோதும் எனக்கு”.


By  Sundareswaran  Date: 22nd Aug 2015

As a coincidence, the review in Times of India,Chennai  of date under the caption”Cinema of the week’ talks about this veteran. He had achieved greatness by his dedication and hard work. So a roadblock  created by his statue is always worth. Let others look at him and learn.


Earlier also, the same issue came up and it disappeared in thin air which I read in Adyar Talk. For this I have written an article on the statues in Chennai, which I have not blogged yet as it runs to four pages.


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