The Education. How far we have reached?

The recent news item in Times of India, Chennai and the editorial ‘Third degree’ ’dated 7th Aug 2015. She, the first lady of the state, need not have written the exam at all. After all Shakespeare, Shelly and Keats are the same, all Englishmen. The M.A. English degree certificate would have reached her lap with just a phone call to the right person in the university. Why this ‘hullabaloo’? If the impersonator were a male it adds fun even more. The question will be raised whether an invigilator was present in the hall. Some have even got a degree from a foreign university just by visiting that country as a tourist!


Now IIT’s are admitting even with 6% marks! The questions set were very tough as per the director IIT. It is a premier institution and if it has to claim as it as one, the entrance should be stringent and tough. If meritocracy is facing a challenge from underhand means in education, these types of institutions are not required at all for us. As per the news item dated 6th Aug 2015, the AICTE Chairman himself has come out with staggering figures of the mushrooming of engineering colleges and the poor intake and the point of wasting the infrastructure. Having constructed these institutions covering acres of land, we can think of converting these into multi utility usages.

The old theatres are changing from their ‘reel’ outlook to ‘real’ outlook. The multiplexes are showing sci fic films. We are at the verge of conquering the universe.

Why not we combine a Mall, a multi specialty hospital and a Kindergarten in the Engineering complexes? A marriage Hall and a Cinema theater added to it will pull crowd automatically. These are the craze of the present century. China has gone with one step ahead. As these structures have become the landmarks and the so called ‘nailed structures’, we can have flyovers made around them to have an added attraction to small kids. It can be given the eponym ’Guangzhou’.


One ‘Sadhu’ in the north had predicted the abundance of gold and it seems he has started the mining engineering with unemployed youths. From where has he seen the shadow of obelisk pointing a mountain? In the dream he has seen the film McKenna’s gold and there is no dearth for devotees behind a sadhu.


The new kindergarten has started for kids of one year to three years. Teaching them patriotism and cleanliness. All in one go. We lack time. One university went a little deep inside the womb with the help of local Gurus and Yogees. They want an Abhimayu reenacted, the Garbha Samhitha, and the so called ‘New Geetha’. The Prenatal School for moms!

One yogi, it is heard, is undergoing a deep penance in The Himalayas to go further up to the DNA/RNA level. In a TV interview he even has expressed his ability and desire to climb on to the twisted ladder like structure as envisaged by the scientists. Many have joined his bandwagon and paid advance as if he will take them free to Mars. When his antecedents were checked, it was found that he was in a circus tent working as a clown and climbing the rope ladder and getting that entwined on his body was his game show.

Ours is really a spiritual land yaar!

Now schools are asked to teach about ‘good touch and bad touch’ to the teenaged kids. The teachers are in a dilemma as to from where/how to touch the subject and start.


The sex education for the teenage children has become a dangerous subject to deal. A controversial virus ‘porno’ has entered through the internet. Now banning it is an impossible task. The population in India is touching astronomical figure and it may out beat the entire world taken to account. Will there be a ban for mating? Is there any software created to stop even the clandestine activities?


What more? How far we have reached?        


Until then shall we pray?


Parithranaaya Saadhoonaam

Vinaasaaya Chadhushkrithaam


Sambhavaami yuge yugeII                                       By Sundareswaran   Date: 7th August 2015


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