Is it Intoxication or turbulence?

Whether the mind is confused

Is it a fear complex in life?

There will be thousands of obstacles in life

Every house has its pains and difficulties

Whatever obstacle has come on the way

Will not disappear by getting worried

If there is a heart to bear these pains

There will be peace till the end.

Keep the poor mind large and rich

Sing the song of merriment day and night

Leave the tomorrow’s outcomes to the God

Make the present day happy and peaceful.

There are crores below your level

Think of them and be peaceful.

Translated By Sundareswaran    date 4th February 2015

Courtesy:  Lyric:  “Mayakkamaa   Kalakkamaa  ManathilE’ kuzhappamaa”

Lyricist:  Kannadasan   Film:  SUMAITHAANGI

What lines! What a depth! Wah! A poem which will live till the human generation live on this earth!

At this point I have to mention about my dear Periappa. He lived true to these words without confusion and turbulence and he was the torch bearer to a very large family, a person who led and inspired others in working towards a valued goal. He was a SUMAITHAANGI.

Link with Link with to listen to this song in Tamil.


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