The good touch, bad touch

The last page of Adyar Talk weekly dated 1 -7 Aug 2015 gives something to chew.

Our human senses, five in total which we make use of in all ways and the sixth sense disappears when some elements are used. Just like the movie  The good, the bad, the ugly of Clint Eastwood, the feelings of senses can be termed as The good, the bad the ugly in some places like Cooum and indifferent in a much polished manner.

The touch is one of the important elements in the five senses of the six sensed human. One can be blind, one can be deaf, and one can even lose the sense of taste and lose the olfactory muscles in the nose.

That is why the romantic poets ‘touch’ this fact in their lyrics.

‘Thottaal poo malarum’ song is famous for that. If we can brood into the cinematic themes of songs, we can pick up umpteen numbers to satisfy our baser instincts, leave alone the porno through the internet sites. Here I wrote ‘to satisfy’ is only to limit our use of senses in a disciplined and controlled manner. But the urge ‘to touch’ never gets satisfied even after getting drenched in it. The sadistic pleasure always tickles.

The fingers play the important role in touch. In fact fingers are the ‘mother of invention’. It is an important tool and hand is a weapon and a tool.

The children, especially the teenage stage, should be thoroughly aware of this sense of touch.

The parental hug and the brotherly affection are all coming under this category of ‘touch’.

They should, especially girls, should be more wary on this. Yes I am from a village and have a daughter. My feelings are like these. In our time, a distance was maintained with girls and ladies everywhere and teachers were very wary and strict. Any wrong doing, flogging was the punishment in the assembly stage. That fear is still in my nerves and that made us lead a disciplined life.

Today that’s gone with the wind.

We have been hearing about the shoddy deals of elated class of persons in clubs. Once it created a tremor in a back seat patting and later it was snubbed that it had happened in an inebriated situation. Anyway what had happened had happened and cannot be erased with a rubber or scrubber. The avenues that happen are in crowded buses, festival crowds etc.

Just a small example. If a person handles his costly touch screen cell phone, he will handle it very carefully as if it will get spoiled and the phone will wake up and cry out of pain.

The same person, when handles the touch screen kept outside the railway reservation hubs, will prick the monitor to show his dexterity, speed and style, especially when the opposite gender is nearby, as if it is an old ‘Scrittura Tattile’ or Sholes & Glidden typewriter. You see the difference. This is what will happen in crowd. It is somebody’s property!

In museums we see cards displayed with a caption ’Do not touch’ and the artifact will be inside a glass case. Why? Scared of the Rhesus mentality of an animal.

In zoo, the display of ‘do not touch or enter’ is only understood when the lion pulls out the hand and roars telling ‘a fantastic touch’.




Touch not my baby don’t touch, touch,

If at first someone touch

But be careful while they touch

Father’s touch and mother’s touch

Always will be affectionate touch

But that also must be a disciplined touch

Teacher’s touch should only be a looking touch

That also should be a distance touch

And that is called the teaching touch

Touch screen touch and swiping touch

Are only for the gadgets a wakeup touch

If one is not aware of touch

Everything will go beyond the touch.


By an affectionate father to his dear daughter


Hear the dialogue delivered by the advocate to the medical teacher in the Malayalam movie”Chinthamany Kolacase”.  Look at the face of the student and teach and do not teach looking her anatomy.

The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary gives a detailed explanation for the word ‘touch’ for one and half pages!

தந்தை மகளை அணைப்பதிலும் அடக்கம் தேவை,  கணவன் மனைவியை அணைத்துக்கொள்வதிலும்  அடக்கம் தேவை.In the former case it should express affection and for the latter, it’s love.

Our teaching goes far far ahead of time. Last week Times reported about cradle education for    1½ and 3½ years. Bihar University came with ‘Garba samhitha’, teaching while in womb! Next in line will be Prenatal Play School for expecting mothers.


By Sundareswaran Date: 1st August 2015


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