Thus go the ad This is what I saw in the front page of Times of India, Chennai edition today.

The real estates. The multistoried skyscrapers are the talk now. Who builds the highest?
The old charm of living in a village with sprawling area around the house to play, swimming pool and many fruit bearing trees is totally lost. Now we are struggling to build gated communities with all these made in an artificial manner just to earn money and spoil the place as the days pass by, no body to look after.

The new documentation for these cluster of vertical growth, or can we mean it literally like that as it is a doom, is a road map showing all the facilities nearby and all sorts. The timing to reach at every place or vice versa given in them will be as though one is wearing an atomic clock in his wrist and flying nonstop in his car. For Galileo, it takes the same time for a coin and feather to reach the ground. It looks as though the man will do tomorrow’s work today itself. Some go in thundering speed in a motorcycle. Can they reach the previous day? The ample car parking area means one should drive a smallest car, or drive as a virtual reality like children do with their body, hands, legs and mouth, or the toy car I mean.

The best place for the above type of ad will be the open space on both sides of the runways. The man running under the plane would have felt happy if at all he could be lifted like Harrison Ford in Air force One. Construct multistoried apartments in that place, so that the plane can negotiate between them. It will become a talk of town and enter into Guinness Records under the most dangerous airports in the world. If cloth’s line or for that matter many crisscrossing cable networks are drawn across, it will be an acrobatic action for the pilot. Even super special amenities like telescopic passage ways from each apartment can be provided! During night, the children can use it as a tubular cricket field.

What can be the meaning for all these phrases?
Great location, right on Mount Road.
Located very near to distilleries.
Very close to the marsh lands.
Near the shores of the backwaters.
Very close to the Trade Center and Mall.
Touching the arterial rail tracks near Central.
Very close to the grade Separators and fly overs
This is made possible in China.The building is surrounded by a newly built ring viaduct,in Guangzhou, China. The building was planned to be demolished,but several units in the building refused to move out as they could not reach a compensation agreement with the authorities. In China, they are known as “Nail Houses”. The dwellings stand like a nail that refuses to be hammered down.
Source: Times of India, Chennai edition dated 22nd July 2015. Around the world news. Beautiful photography.
Anyway we have footpaths? in Chennai (walk above the storm water drain? (sump) concrete slab. At places like electric pillar boxes (the nail blocks in a similar parlance), it will take a turn. After seeing this the real estate price will boom.
Seeing distance from the metro rail.
And many more…………

How much is the seeing distance from the moon? Please do not ask Neil Armstrong. One realtor promised the buyers a crystal clear view of the mountain peaks of The Great Himalayas. Hillary and Tensing should have waited for the express lifts.

Next destination for the realtors will be the moon and The Mars! A great going indeed!

By Sundareswaran Date: 18th July 2015


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