The difficulties the parents are facing today to fix a marriage Hall in the city has reached to alarming proportions. The cost, superficial as well as hidden, in the rate of halls per day and part time and on hourly basis are really burning the wallet before it is opened.
So many rich and super rich families have burnt the aviation fuel and had conducted the marriage for their near and dear ones, calling it as ‘Marriage in AIR’ and Marriage in the WINGS. What fame they had in return is anybody’s guess.
So far no one has ventured into marriage in satellites and in space. Whether such a freedom is allowed and license is provided, nobody knows.
Now the best idea will be to conduct the marriage in the Duranto Express running between Chennai and Bangalore and back. Any other short distance journey is OK for that matter.Charter an up and down journey or book a bulk of 300 or 500 tickets for all. Arrange the food in the pantry car. Senior citizens will get concessional rate tickets. Since most of the marriages are ‘love locked’, it makes the parents easy and can even escape from the heavy burden of dowry, if at all they wish. Tie the knot, cut the cake and have a buffet. All in a jiffy of maximum eight hours! A ‘rolling stock marriage’.
At the rate of speed of a Bullet Train between Chennai and Coimbatore, if at all it is going to appear in this century, the first thing is to tie the ‘knot’ and then rest of the events. With a cup of coffee after alighting is all that is required! For an Iyer marriage, it has to make several such trips! For that the forthcoming Shanghai- New York Bullet train of China is the best suited one.
Now the flying conduit, the metro, is running in Chennai, it will not be out of place to think about conducting these functions in it. The train is imported and so has a foreign look in conducting these functions in it before it gets spoiled. The children will have a fine day to watch the topography from an elevated place and tying the ‘knot’ will really be a ‘metroistic’experience. The Chi and Sow will be in direct contact with the low flying celestial Gods and are sure to get the blessings when the priest, if at all, chants the mantras. The costly TV cameras and other digital paraphernalia which makes walking difficult due to crisscrossing of cables can be avoided as most of the persons will be watching out. I think there are CC cameras and monitors installed in each compartment and vestibule. A final photo of the newlyweds with the pilot and guard of the metro should not be forgotten and they should be invited for the buffet.
The next experience for such occasions will be the ‘under hung metro’ as in Los Angeles. My dear future generations, Wait for that! For this the boy and the girl need not stand upside down now itself to tie the knot!
If in Darjeeling or above the Alpine mountains, the Aerial Ropeway Marriages can be conducted. Instead of flowers the snow can be sprayed on to the couples to bless them.
Hope more will think in the same line or differently as I do and definitely it will happen one day. If it is initiated from the families of bigwigs, it will be the talk of the town and for the media, it is like chewing the sweet gum and many pages will roll out. Ultimately it will be a Successful Culmination in the Advantageous Manipulation.
Metro rails can be converted as “Rolling Marriage Halls’ and it will definitely reap profits and it can be patronized in this way! Last, but not least the MRTS can also play second fiddle.

By Sundareswaran Date: 10th July 2015
Today morning I received a phone call from our very close relative Mr. Sri Ram and Bhuvana informing that his son’s marriage is fixed and will take place in December. The girl’s parents are struggling for a good marriage Hall. Then this ‘novel’ idea came to my thoughts.


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