“Handbag-only fliers to get a deal on Spicejet”

The front line news near the ear panel of Times of India, Chennai edition dated 1st July 2015.

First it looked like a bonanza as given by the Big Bazaar Sales ad.
It looked funny at first. After reading only I got the grip of it.

Are they going to modify the jet into a double Dekker by removing the baggage space above the head?
Now the easiest of the lot for the passengers will be to wear a minimum of ten pants and shirts one above the other to follow the rule to gain the monetary benefit. While travelling back wear them inside out to suppress the ‘guppa’. Any way one can take few cosmetic sprays to cover this mystery.
For ladies, they can wear as many saris as they are much thinner when compared to the texture of pant clothes. Other paraphernalia as per their wish.
Already I had blogged a news item as “A seat in the air” in the in which I had my own versions of different possibilities to accommodate the maximum for a maximum profit for the airways. Mathematically it was a ‘linear programming’ equation I had worked out. In one way we can have all the possibilities and this was taken into consideration as I had travelled in all types of contrivances the country has devised in different states, including the ‘one leg Tapas’ in the toilet of the great Indian Railways for a maximum of eight hours! I am sure I can travel in the Bullet Train under the same conditions between Tokyo and New York, partly under the tunnels and partly submerged under the sea, which will take only 24 hours! At the speed of 500Km/Hr, there won’t be even a jerk or jolt to shake ‘the tapas’. In our cradle railways, there will be many such, but no lullaby. My next flight will be to the moon and Mars! I will be floating inside the capsule with a life giving umbilical cord attached.ISRO will offer special concession and even a gallantry award if I hang out like Sylvester Stallone as in Cliffhanger.
Let there be many such Spice jets always in the air and make the mighty travelers. Will they conduct Yoga inside, so that no seats are required?

By Sundareswaran Date: 1st July 2015


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