Losing a slice of History!

Great News in Times of India Chennai edition, Page 13, dated 30th June 2015. See for yourself.
Unlucky thirteen!
Great Wall of China is disappearing, of course in bits and pieces, i.e.; in bricks and blocks.
A great edifice, constructed by the Ming Dynasty and rocking the history since many years is finally dying a slow death by the harsh weathers and by human greed. When China is speeding up with underground Bullet Trains, its surface is eroding!
Poor villagers in Lulong County in the northern province of Hebei are using the bricks for construction and are for sale. Today all are the kings of this great earth!
The UNESCO World Heritage site is dying. The wall which is visible from the moon as told by Armstrong when he landed on the moon is a real wonder of wonders.
I do not know how our Western Ghats is missing. The flora and fauna is missing. The geological features are missing due to illegal mining and scraping the surface soil.
The Berlin Wall came down in 1989. A cold war for someone to mark it in history. Nobody seemed to worry about it. It could have been retained for pole-vault game.
So far we used to hear the parts of the car missing while it is parked on road side. As a joke people would say that they remove it from one side and fit it on the originally missing end.
Tomorrow it can be the fate of other heritage sites. At this rate I am afraid of our Great Taj.
It was heard that the great Magician P C Sorkar tricked the tourists and made The Taj vanish for few seconds or minutes.
Like our old and great Moore Market complex, which was a place for the old is gold items got gutted in fire. In its place a miniature Moore Market model is venerated. Here the meaning for veneration is totally different of course. Will something happen like that, I am afraid.
The publishers of Madras Musings and likeminded people are crying hard to preserve the heritage at any cost. Of course rebuilding the Great wall will be a moot point. The Sun Temple in Egypt was relocated to give way for the great Aswan Dam.
We are able to jack up few houses which are located in waterlogged places. We could demolish old high rise buildings with detonators and expertise without spoiling the buildings located nearby.
See the plight in Chennai. Metro drilling and buildings are falling. Metro drilling and the roads are caving. One stone and two mangoes!
What more! I suddenly got up from my sleep. I was with my mother who was in bed in a hospital. I lost a beat!
I checked my body thoroughly. Thank God. All my active organs were found intact. I immediately asked for a discharge certificate from the doctor in charge and left the clinic before a Great loss that could happen!
Ultimately it is the Great Wall Robbery of China! Think of the old The Great Train Robbery of 1963! 49 Million Pound Sterling of today’s worth was robbed by a team of 20 persons. Wah!

By Sundareswaran Date: 30th June 2015


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