Bouncers, Pushers, Tasters, Divers, Underground glass tank cleaners, Sleepers, Smellers, Scrapers

Incredible, but believe it. It’s happening and there are takers for it. 21st century is with plenty of opportunities around the globe. People are prepared to go and stay in Mars even. The silent words in the lexicon are creating stories, creating history. New challenges, new type of food to taste and a totally new type of fantasy world are beckoning.
See the word QUIDDITCH is a new word coined by J K Rowling. It has turned into a competitive sport event played by 7 persons in a team. One day our younger generation will play flying on drones in the shape of broomsticks.
The words are making us millionaires. Grab it, scoop it.

These are not mere words culled out from the lexicon. These are very old existing words. Few of them were used to adorn very good positions in the society world over.
Today they are all better paid job opportunities in the world. All types of jobs above look funny outward, but some are horrifying when one takes it up in the real sense as part of his career.
Here I shall unveil one by one.

It was used in the cricket fraternity when the ball after striking the pitch goes haywire even endangering the batsman, who must have a good reflux to escape from this, sometimes unexpected delivery by a bowler. It is a tactic played by fast bowlers. While bouncing below waist line is legal, the beamer is illegal.
So far it was about cricket ball. Now let us look at the human bouncers.
Now the word has a totally different meaning and is connected with a best paid job. First, the applicant or aspirant should have a gym cut body. His build and attire will be that of Men in Black. A six packed abdomen is a must.
They help the white corridor employees and its owners. They are the security staff of the doctors. They are indeed good natured and their job is to pacify the impatient people waiting outside, alert the nursing staff to explain to them the outcomes, and of course to be as a barricade in case of any gate crash and give a green signal to the police for a suitable action.
Though they get paid well they have their own risk to take against odds.

The old and present time trolley pushers are very common in commercial centers where heavy loads are transported. Though cranes and automation and all sorts of logistics are playing their roll, the human element is still going strong, without which it is incomplete and impossible. They are indispensible.
Here the pushers are of a different genre. They are commuters-onto-train pushers. They do not push trains, but push passengers in a crowded train during peak hours so that the door gets closed, without which the train just don’t move. When the doorway is flush with hanging passengers, they try to push them in; just like a pot bellied man tries to zip up in a tight pant.
In Japan they are called OSHIYA. May be a therapeutic word HOSHIYAAR in Hindi which means to be careful. I have heard this word usually uttered by the night watchmen in Howrah station. It is a word of caution for the passengers not to sleep off and to be careful with their belongings. These Oshiyas are professionals in pushing as many passengers inside during rush hours. We need such people employed in Howrah and Mumbai. Even one can work as part time pushers, or worst cum worse, one passenger can push the other to get in and squeeze in. More or less it will be like a plastic toothpaste tube effect.
This word is very familiar one in the blending of tea and coffee and wine. The tea taster’s taste buds should be very sensitive to different tastes of blends. They sip, wash their mouth, and then try a drop around the mouth by smearing it with the tongue. Their working chemistry is totally different. It is something more than the ceremonial tea preparation of Japan. It’s a journey of discovery of taste, the aroma, the smell and other parameters. Credit goes to Sanjay Kapoor, the world renowned master tea taster.
Again tasting and finding the quality of wine is even more difficult as it has very stringent parameters and is a highly complex in nature and complicated as well. The physics of light for the reflections, refractions and diffractions and dispersions, the chemistry regarding the flaw and purification right from the cup to the corked to the bottled to the oak barrels and the biological and the psychological behavior of the taster within himself and the surroundings. Like a sniffer dog, his nose should hover over the crystal ware, like the copter driver to check the traffic snarls during rush hours.
Now look at the new type of tasters.
Here it is a new kind of job. If you are a squeamish kind, this job will not suit. The testers and tasters are for animal food, especially cats and dogs. Before the furry pals get their taste of food they like, umpteen tests are conducted by human bellies and teeth and mouth. The flavor, the nutritional value and texture and other parameters are analyzed. A professional pet food tester or taster masters the art of these parameters over a period of time and he can tell the type of food each individual animal like and dislike before they howl. In fact I have tasted and tested the cattle food after mixing them in cold water and in hot water, in the cooked rice water. I used to know at what consistency the cow and calf will drink. Of course it was done in our house where there were 10 cows and 4/5 calves. I am a pure vegan right from birth. Later in life I had tasted eggs and beer and wine.
They are not the ordinary divers to take out the oysters from the bottom of the sea or the guides to teach swimming for the beginners. They are trained scuba divers.
Here their job is to collect the dimpled golf balls that get sunk in the deep waters. They get clad in wet-suit and scuba gear, and will be carrying a net to collect the balls, scoop out the duffs and fluffs and the bad shots from the golf course. These balls are later sent to a refining company and then resold for a small amount.
Part of the Legend Golf Resort, situated in South Africa’s Waterberg mountain range, spotters with eagle eye are employed to trace the balls.
Under water Glass tank Cleaners:
Not an ordinary job like cleaning the swimming pools and water tanks.
It is indeed a dangerous job cleaning the glass surface of underwater aquariums. A snorkeling swim tour under the blue waters amid coral reefs and millions of tiny fish will be interesting to talk and imagine. When sharks and crocodiles are around, it is totally a new dimensional thinking to clean and scrub the glass surface to remove the algae and muck and also pick the bits of poop surrounded on the sharks. It is a seven hour job and not sure of coming up on the surface. A very well paid job. To get a chance and taste this job, apply to Dubai Mall Aquarium and in Singapore. Under the sea, the onlookers will be very well encapsulated in a glass tunnel and for the box type on the surface; they will stand outside and watch.
When the diver passes through or nears a shoal, the fish immediately rushes out. He even follows the schooling. It is very nice to watch. This we see in big temple tanks when the fish are fed with grains.
These are not the sleeper blocks kept under the rail tracks.
It is not the ordinary sleeping after a day’s hard work or just a lazy way to spend time after a heavy filling of bowels. Even mythical Kumbakarna will apply for this job.
NASA has come out with a program. They are looking for volunteers to slip into deep slumber for 70 days! They can see their purse bulging out with $18000. Wahl! Will they consider the persons lying in coma for years for this so their kins can pocket this? Poor Rip Van Winkle lost his chance! His wife who was using vituperative language would have felt happy and called him darling.
Next in line are the two that will create nausea. What are they? Just read through.

It is a very highly paid job for those who can claim the finest olfactory sense. Their designation is ‘Odour Judge’.
Sniffing around for a job? Extend the nose up to the grinding wheel.
The work and responsibility is a little stinky. Nothing much. Just sniff the armpits and other sweating parts of persons and even bad breath to evaluate the effectiveness of deodorant and powders. Different smells are rated between 1 to 10. Can we name it just like the Moh’s scale of hardness for gemstones and minerals? Shall we name it as SNIFF SCALE? It will be more powerful than chloroform. Sometimes, one may not wake up. Insure and join.
Now tell how is the job like?
The job is not the old time chimney sweeps, a child labour practiced in England. Only a small lanky child can enter the tiny chute and perch with their legs locked between the walls and scrape out the carbon packed on the inside of chimneys. They were not paid well and they were orphans trapped by those time Mr. Bumbles of Oliver Twist story.
Now the scraping is totally different. Watch out. You may vomit!
Try to remember Asterix Comic series created by Goscinny and Uderzo. The special potion with a wicked notion they create in Asterix and Corsica. They blast the pirate ship with a smelly cheese.
Scraping the microbial strains from the smelly parts of mouth, armpits and toes, Trinity College, Dublin has decided to go ahead in making the cheese mixing with yeast. Have cake and will you be able to eat it too?
How do you feel the above jobs are? Adventurous, bizarre, nauseating? Would like to earn millions like this?
Are you not feeling now that a 9 to 5 clerical job under fan or in A/c ambience or a physical effort in farming under the sun is better to satisfy our basic needs?

By Sundareswaran Date: 16th May 2015
Courtesy: Source: Times of India Chennai Edition dated Saturday, May 2, 2015 (Bouncers), Chennai Times dated Tuesday, May 5, 2015 and Thursday, May 7, 2015 (The Curator)
Source: Internet sites


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