The spearheading Lord in the Hindu Pantheon of mythology who is the remover of all obstacles and difficulties that come in the way of the mortal human life is a short and pot bellied God head whose face is that of an elephant. He too has his own mouse always accompanying him. He is found everywhere to our wish. He is under a tree, he is on the banks of rivers, and he is in every temple that belongs to any other manifestations. To begin any work, we ask for his support and help to remove the obstacles that will prevent from its smooth forward flow. He is in a vortex, the so called “Pullayaar Suzhi”.
So many stories are told about his capabilities. He is the first son of Lord Shiva and His concert Parvathi.
Time changed. Centuries in the calendar changed. The life pattern of human beings changed.
Ganesha became a centre stage of attraction .Right from the famous Ganesha Festival in Maharashtra and especially in Mumbai, His size is getting huge year after year and he is seen in multitude of hues.
He is a money spinner and the money gets distributed for various causes.
He is also playful in nature. He is akin to the Laughing Man or Laughing Buddha of Japan and China.
He brings luxury, he brings laughter and He brings Prosperity for life. He is worshipped for the cure of all diseases, for the farming lands and for the animals and for the entire family.
Break a coconut and he is happy. Burn camphor and he is happy.
Ganesha plays an important role in the designer divinity in the ceramic toys. He comes as a team in the game of football; he is ready with hockey sticks, with cricket bat and ball well covered with leg pads and cap. Tell any game and he is there with the appropriate gadgets. He is adorned in Olympic Games as a versatile player winning all games but never bothered to wear medals or even the Olive leaves. But if made to wear, he is happy. He is a much sort after Lord for the Navarathri doll function. He plays all the musical instruments including covering the centre stage as a vocalist. He is in all dance costumes to create happiness for the performing artists. He drives all types of vehicles and I do not know whether anybody has designed Him wearing Space suit ready for Moon and Mars!
Of late He has manifested himself to the Pitman short hand strokes. He is the front runner with an embossed lines and curves affixed in all Hindu ceremonial invitation cards. He is in plastic, he is in shining metals and still he is unfazed. He is happy here also to cling on to the cards. He is hidden or visible in The Pitman Short hand words like administration and Lapidify (whether you turn him into stone) .Whether Pitman knew him or not, He was blessed by Ganesha to remove all his obstacles in codifying the alphabets in lines and hooks and curves. So our Ganesha is a Universal God.
Hope so far nobody has thought of making Him as a gang leader as the world is threatened by terrorism.
Kailua man kaliyuga! Anything can happen and anything is made possible and here Ganesha will never be happy.
By Sundareswaran Date: 25th April 2015

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