Except R all other letters in his name are straight strokes.
With a 50X 40 mm rectangular enclosure, he mesmerized the world with his pencil and strokes.
For a layman he transferred the day to day realities in all the fields, whether it is politics, economics or science with a mere sketch and a catchy caption. To his side there was a common man in dhothy with a tattered overcoat with an intellectual mind. What pages of books, though could earn a Booker or Nobel, which cannot be reached out to a common man because of a heavy price tag, RKL’s intellectual mind could flash it in an affordable newspaper, that too in a small enclosure.
The very sketch will create a humorous sensation at the very first look itself. RKL was thorough with the body language and the facial expressions which tell the inner attributes.
His captions carried weight. His shots were perfect to hit the bull’s eye. He was courageous and cautious. His common man is a silent spectator but his wife talks boldly to the point.
A legend he became in his life time. He immortalized himself with his cartoons. HE LIVES.
I leave few flowers at his feet with tears and as a common man let me pray for his soul in silence.

By Sundareswaran Date: 27th January 2015

A request to Times of India officials.
As a mark of respect to this great cartoonist of our country, I request the officials to publish his cartoons daily on the front page as done in today’s paper of the Chennai edition.


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