Gliding in the midst of mist and clouds
In the Alpine mountains of Great Swiss
We all feel few heart beats miss
When we hang and move in the cage making a swish.

Why not we bring an aerial ropeway system throughout India parallel and above the existing railroads?
When we can imagine about flying Bullet Trains in the main corridors, this also can be imagined in a feasible way. We have already made inroads in making flyovers to ease out the road traffic and many butterfly grade separators are built to create a gyrating effect in our mind. We have succeeded in it!
As the existing passageways for the rolling stock is already there, to build the pylons and steel structures similar to the high grid power lines for the ropeways cages to move in air, acquiring fresh land will not be necessary as it can be erected very near to the tracks taking care of the overhead power lines for the electric locos.
Think of a short travel in the ropeways with your family and friends between Guindy and Kaancheepuram, above the rail tracks! Wahl! A non polluted breathtaking travel indeed! Below we see flying cars on roads and the rail running below us and of course the beauty of nature, if we do not spoil it!
No underground tunnels and hence no fear for the sinking of earth. Only the landing points need a pedestal elevated platform. No traffic jams unless there is a power or system failure. We can take deep breaths during these stoppages and watch the scenic surroundings from above. Still photographers will have a field day. Why only still, videos and outdoor shooting for movies is great possibility bringing revenue.
When the word revenue stuck my head, I was wondering for the funds to build this great travel mode.
Funding is not a problem. We have Swiss Banks to help us, Swiss engineers to design and build and the entire project will be flush with our own money to our own country! We can have the best collaboration with our leading engineering firms on a BOLT format with our Swiss partners.
See whether the Japanese engineers are also vying with them! They may build it between Tokyo and Delhi! It will be a Superfast ropeway system. We can have an international collaboration! Athidhi Devo Bhava! Let us start building our aspirations to pass on to the coming generations to Cherish without shedding tears!
Let us be proud to be Great Indians! My country is always the greatest. MERA BHAARATH MAHAAN!

By Sundareswaran Date: 20th January 2015


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